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  1. TL77

    Question about Career Mode

    It says F1 2019 all the time just check Tiametmarduk's Youtube video where he simulates 2 full seasons. It is stupid but then again the game is called F1 2019.
  2. TL77

    F1 2019

    Turn the difficulty down then. Maybe 90% AI suits you better?
  3. TL77

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    3) Lando Norris is a current F1 driver too.. 6) Championship mode.
  4. TL77

    Announcing F1 2015

    Amusing how in F1 2012 they removed World Championship season mode because "nobody used it" and everyone apparently only used Career mode. Now they've switched it around. Not really too important thought. Career in 2013 & 2014 was basically just a Season mode with your own name in the HUD.
  5. TL77

    All Dry Career Season?

    I really don't get the idea behind this one. In a GP mode season you can set the weather to dry but can't change the difficulty during a season. In career you can change the difficulty between every single session but you can't set the weather at the start of the season. Are they trying to make career more realistic and challenging with this? Then why can you change the difficulty during the season?
  6. TL77

    Rain chance in F1 2014 Career Mode

    I haven't had any issues. Only had 3 rainy races and 2 rainy qualifyings during my first season.
  7. TL77

    The BUG Thread

    More of a glitch really and I don't know if it's been mentioned already but the McLaren looks almost completely black in Singapore. It's so shadowed out or something.
  8. TL77

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Anyone else notice the AI pace difference on certain tracks? So far I've found Spain to be the most difficult, on Expert AI I couldn't even make it into Q2 in a McLaren when normally I qualify in the top 6. I just wish the AI difficulty was consistent on every track.
  9. TL77

    F1 2014 Feedback Thread

    I'm not sure if the AI levels have been adjusted but this year (at least in the first race of career) I find Expert AI perfect for me. Last year I was forced to play with Pro AI cause of the excessive tyre wear and generally just being too slow. With a McLaren I qualified 11th 0,060sec behind Button and finished the race 6th.
  10. TL77

    Pit Stop Times a Bit Slow

    Yeah this was annoying last year as well. I can't believe they still didn't sort it out.
  11. TL77

    New F1 2014 Trailer

    "The most accessible game yet" Says it all really.
  12.  I assume the transition is only during 100% races. It's never been in the 25% races in the past either.
  13. You're thinking of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain started at night this year like Singapore. Also since it's a 25% race there wouldn't be a day-to-night transition. No, i know what i mean. Look Sorry for low res Sorry my bad, I just remember the race from the official race edit and it seemed like it was night there during the start. Apparently my memory is starting to fall to pieces. But it is interesting that the 25% race is at night. I wonder if the same applies to Abu Dhabi as well. Last three games it wasn't night in the 25% races.
  14. You're thinking of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain started at night this year like Singapore. Also since it's a 25% race there wouldn't be a day-to-night transition.
  15. Who's to say we're not happy with just choosing any team? It's just a suggestion, since CM have already decided to go down the route of more availability in career. How is replacing Rosberg more realistic than replacing Hamilton for example? Realism shouldn't really be the argument here.