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  1. TL77

    Practice session qualifying lap challenge issue.

    Yeah agree, so far I remember Bahrain and Hungary being especially hard.
  2. TL77

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    So after 1.08 patch it seems the Safety car is back! Just had it appear in Austria on lap 14 of 18 after Sainz stopped on the racing line.
  3. TL77

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    At least in the settings during a career mode you can switch it off and on and I'm 100% sure it was On when I started my second career mode save and I have checked it during the season multiple times and it still says it's on. But still no SC when racing.
  4. TL77

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    Is the SC and VSC disappearing an issue of restarting a career? I first did a 10 race season in career mode and had them for almost every race (25%) and after I finished the season I started a new career and I've now done one full season and 8 races into the second season and I've not had one single SC or VSC?
  5. Same for me on the original PS4 as well. Happens in the race too.
  6. TL77


    So far in my experience of doing 1 race weekend in almost all the tracks in career mode I've found the AI on lvl 90 like this: Hungary/Russia/Mexico/Abu Dhabi - Too easy Australia/China/Holland/Spain/Canada/Austria/Belgium/Italy - Perfect Bahrain/Britain - Slightly too challenging Vietnam/Monaco/Baku - Very difficult Rest of the tracks I've yet to drive. So for example Spain I qualified a tenth behind my team mate and in the race it was raining but I was keeping up with him but not getting close enough to attack but eventually he retired with a failure. It's possible that the AI is easier in constant rain here because a lot of people seem to find Spain too difficult yet that wasn't the case for me at all.
  7. TL77

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Yeah the interviews should have been updated a bit more. I just had a race weekend at Monaco where I had interviews after pratice, quali and race and each time I was asked how I felt about it being my teammate's home race.
  8. TL77


    If I understood correctly those times are set by Red Bull 2010 car and you need to quali laps with a Red Bull 2010 and compare.
  9. TL77

    The STATE of this game....

    Well according to real F1 drivers it's now better and more realistic but what would they know.
  10. TL77

    DRS Assist

    I would assume it automatically deploys DRS when available.
  11. TL77

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    3) Lando Norris is a current F1 driver too.. 6) Championship mode.
  12. TL77

    Announcing F1 2015

    Amusing how in F1 2012 they removed World Championship season mode because "nobody used it" and everyone apparently only used Career mode. Now they've switched it around. Not really too important thought. Career in 2013 & 2014 was basically just a Season mode with your own name in the HUD.
  13. TL77

    All Dry Career Season?

    I really don't get the idea behind this one. In a GP mode season you can set the weather to dry but can't change the difficulty during a season. In career you can change the difficulty between every single session but you can't set the weather at the start of the season. Are they trying to make career more realistic and challenging with this? Then why can you change the difficulty during the season?
  14. TL77

    Rain chance in F1 2014 Career Mode

    I haven't had any issues. Only had 3 rainy races and 2 rainy qualifyings during my first season.
  15. TL77

    The BUG Thread

    More of a glitch really and I don't know if it's been mentioned already but the McLaren looks almost completely black in Singapore. It's so shadowed out or something.