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  1. I have no problem with that, and I understand that not everyone is looking for that type of driving. I myself played fair bit of Grid 2, and never said it was terrible game. But saying it is more realistic is just plainly lying. There are people that will prefer Grid 2 to Grid AS as there are people that would prefer Burnout paradise(another fun game, espetially with controller. Less so with the wheel) to any of the Grid games. I personally am a fun of simracing (I am playing iRacing for proper sim gameplay) And this installment of Grid series is the best for me. With proper handling and racin
  2. To add to the radio I don't need to hear "we really need great finish to get o good race on second lap out of 18. and than each subsequent one. Just give me a lap, and a split to guy in front/behind.
  3. Rear ending is hitting someone in the rear. If someone in front of you brakes earlier than you than you should be on the inside outbreaking him :) If you hit him at hight speed difference, than you propably had time to react, and should try to avoid that. If you just bump him, and you both break and make the turn it is just racing incident. Thats my opinion anyway. Either way you should avoid driving into rear of others. There is no benefit in that. You won't pass them unless you wreck them and that is not how you want to race.
  4. I wouldn't say worst ever. In my opinion team Kicker and Ravenwest need toning down so they won't divebomb you if they are 50 meters behind going into turn. Other than that AI is quite aggrresive, but it is fine. As you will sometimes missjudge a breaking point or turn in, AI can bump your side or rear. If you will go cosiderably slow on a racing line or worse you will weave across the road, they will hit you. They won't stop for the player to get up to speed after a spin. They will try to pass you. If you go slower than them they will try to pass you.  AI makes more realistic mistakes he
  5. Are you kidding me? You watched too much Tokio Drift. If you said Grid 2 was more fun I would leave it to your opinion. But saying that Grid 2 was realistic is plain lie. Back on topic. I really like this game for that it encoureges and rewards proper driving techinque, You need to pick good line and breaking point in order to be fast. Also we got th best thing CM could do! We finally have way to pic race lenght from normal trought x2, x3 up to x5 times. That means that normally 8 minuts endurance race can became real endurance at x5. 4 lap races became 12 or 20. That allows to pick proper dif
  6. Gearbox has no damage indicator, but if you ask your engineer it will tell you it is damaged. Maybe you just downshift to early (as i tend to do :) ). Or it is genuin bug, hard to tell.
  7. I dropped it from 400 to 360 lately when I moved on to Endurance and Aston Martin. It is car and class specific. Luckily you can just minimise, change your setting and alt + Enter the game to full screen :)
  8. I have nothing against ocasional contact, especially in the touring car series. What is wrong thou are massive divebombs by Team Kicker and team Ravenwest. They play destruction derby. Take lines that thay cannot make pass to the point they will hit side of your car and slow down on you. That is utterly unrealistic and such things should stay withing Need for Speed series, And I am not even talking about Shift series, but about Burnout Paradise copies EA pushes out lately. There is difference between agressive driving, and just dumb crashing into others in the turn. From three videos shown in
  9. To all the people suggesting passing them:What about XP for those races? What about general season ranking? To progress trought the game you need those things! Thats why we are asking for an option. So we can still get all the Xp, races, and be happy with 1st place in a championship without having to run the content we don't enjoy.  And I am now even that against reversed (althou Mount Panorama in reverse... This is my favourite track, I don't want to run it wrong way around. It feels wrong). I simply don't like people with the altitude: "If you don't like it than GTFO". We are asking for
  10. Endurance is awesome at x3 (makes race quite long thou) but i just finished a race at 13th (very hard) but last few laps were soooo intense. I was struggling to keep greap on high speed corner and putting power down after slow ones was really difficult. No traction controll and decent wheel makes for an awesome experience :) but we are rifting off topic here:)
  11. I agree. Right now if AI decides it will take your place when you are two wide, you can either break or run parallel on the grass hoping you won't get slow down panlety. AI can seem to be on rails sometimes. Fortunatelly it is only team Kicker and team Ravenwest who just bully their way up. I moved to very hard AI and am now running 6-8 where racing is much cleaner. My team has exactly such objectives so I am ok with that.
  12. Actually Grid 2 was bad. You were supposed to dive into a corner full speed and once you turned your car sideways you slowed down and made the corner. In reall life you would fly trought a corner and crash terribly every single time. Grid Autosport is much more realistic in that you have to break BEFORE the corner. You slow down pass the apex and then put the power down on the trackout. Thats how racing works. I suggest you stay behind AI for a lap and don't try to race. Also try doing practise before racing on unknown tracks. Look for boards with numbers. These show distance to the turn. You
  13. I have much bigger issues with the team chat. It is greeat idea, but terrible execusion. You can ask your engineer where is your teammate or your rival, but instead of possition and split you will hear: "Your teammate is currently i the middle of the pack" I passed start finish line at 6th possition:"You are curently in the middle of the pack" I asked where my rival was:"Your rival is in the middle of the pack" I looked at the second monitor: he was 10th Right now this functionality is basicly useless since often you wont even get information if your rival is in front of, or behind you:/ I si
  14. I have second monitor with 400x400 broadcast renderend realtime. I am preaty sure that engine could handle rendering 200x150 pixel realtime dashboard.
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