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  1. kellemann

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    Any news on when vr support is comming. Really looking forward to trying this game 🙂
  2. kellemann

    What i want to see in GRID !

  3. "Then I launched dirt rally 1 and found these nice things: - rally school. Why is gone in DR 2? It's super useful and it shows so much love and passion." Dirt rally dosent have a rally school. Dirt 4 does. Are you mixing these games
  4. kellemann

    Ghost in time trail?

    We get togheter , have some beers and play dirt rally in a racing rig with vr one at a time, trying to get the best time. I Ghost car is a wery welcome edision in dirt 2.0.
  5. kellemann

    Ghost in time trail?

    Thanks. Great news 🙂
  6. kellemann

    Ghost in time trail?

    Nobody knows this?
  7. kellemann

    Ghost in time trail?

    Is there a ghost mode in time trail? When you have some friend over and play timetrail its mutch better if there is a ghost for the fastest lap.