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  1. People should complain when they buy something brand new and its broken. If not, why fix it? I run the game on medium with low shadow and spectators at a solid 80 fps (Rift s and a rtx 2080) so please dont give me that bs. All i was saying is that many new headset are beeing sold, and i know many people wont recomend a game they have to fix themself to get it working. And another thing is the double picture on the monitor, again i know there is a workaround so you are happy, but i am not.
  2. Good for you that you dont have issius with lower fps animations, but I do. ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1631916887499075972/ ) If a thing needs a workaround its broken, and needs fixing! I have tried running the game in windoed mode, and it worked for a while, but after a patch it went back to beeing really small again. And I have ofcourse tried different things to fix it again.
  3. Now that many more are getting vr headsett because of half life Alyx, maybe its time to fix vr support for dirt rally 2. We vr owners have reported bugs since vr realese and they have been ignored to the point i`m not recomending my friends to buy this game. Crushed blacked, poor rain effeckts, unreadeble stage time and posion while driving and horrible wheel and wiper fps. On top of that, i STILL dont have sound on the oculus version.
  4. kellemann

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    So strage seeing a nigth stage with normal colour and normal font size (VR user)
  5. The option to turn of rain and nigth in singel player campain. Playing in VR at nigth with rain is borderline broken and just NO fun at all. Makes me wanna skip the sigel player😥
  6. https://www.roadtovr.com/update-easier-to-use-oculusmirror-exe-folder-location/
  7. I dont trust codies to have vr from day one. It took a massiv amount of complaining to get vr in dirt 2. There is no vr in f1 or grid. Fantasy track are tracks not based on real roads, but real locations, like driveclub. They should have more locations from start, and new throu dlc to keep the game alive and fresh.
  8. VR: Please get help from the Sligtly mad studio to do vr. They know there stuff. And make it work from day one. Tracks: Can some of the people from Evolution make some fantasy tracks. Graphic setting: please explain what they do, and what the need to run good. Dlc: Please ad more locations throu dlc. Editions: Please dont call any editions for Ultimate edition or somethings like that. Then people will whine everytime you ad a paiad dlc. Call it Dirt rally 3:Free dlc for 6 month edition🙃
  9. Patch notes are up, nothing about the crushed black. WHY?????
  10. yes i know, it was in the patch notes. Ofcourse i have check this before i post here
  11. I have done this, but after 1.10 its not working anymore
  12. Some thing that are still not fixed : Colour banding. I dont play nigth time or evening races because of this :Stering wheel and whipers low fps. Really anoying and imersion breaking :sound in the oculus version. And the steam version does not auto switch to oculus sound :and after 1.10 the symbols (arrows) are out of porportion again.
  13. VR feedback feels completly irrelevant. So many complaint about colorbanding and usb problem, and not a sound from codemaster. I bouth this game the day VR came out and are still waiting for a version i can play whitout turing off everytime there is nigth or rain. AND STILL NO AUDIO ATT ALL ON OCULUS STORE! And why is ther still a double picture on the monitor when i play in vr?
  14. kellemann

    Best VR game i never played

    I know that i will buy it the day it gets VR. Maybe one day codemaster will realise that VR and racing-games are a perfect match.