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  1. GRF1DiRT. GR1T G'D1RT: Australian GP Edition
  2. I'm American, what are tunnocks and how do I deep fry them?
  3. My input on the current topic: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ More rally games is always good. I wasn't tremendously impressed with Dirt 4 so I'll try not to get excited until after the games are released this time round (sorry, marketing folks!).
  4. ...b-but then how would you bounce off the rev limiter?
  5. I actually absolutely couldn't stand that game, I got it through some humble bundle in 2013 and put no more than 46 minutes into it, it did however make me seek out my CMR2004 disk and play through that again, as well as seek out Newer Dirt Titles and Steering wheel controllers. Strange thing that I hated it so much though, since i'm sure I put an absolute tonn of hours into Trackmania Nations back in the day... Why did you hate it? I started looking at the announcement and a lot of people were talking about how mediocre it would be to release it now, but there's still nothing else on the
  6. I personally really like Wales in Dirt 4 though, while some others do not.  Maybe has something to do with how well people are adapting to the cars behavior transitioning between the extreme downhill and uphill corners(it feels like the maximum decline and incline angles are much greater in Dirt 4). That's one of the reasons I don't like Wales in Dirt 4 - the inclines seem so ridiculously steep that it really takes me out of it. I've never been to Wales so I can't say if it's realistic or not, but it seems really overexaggerated.
  7. He says on the website that it could theoretically be made to work with different games that support modding besides AC. Not sure what better options there might be, but I'd be happy to use it with BeamNG :)
  8. We've been really spoiled, haven't we? The bar has been raised too high. This is all your fault, @soundfx!
  9.  :'(                                                           
  10. Why do devs even do CG trailers? The CG wasn't that great, and in a racing game it's entirely unnecessary anyways. This did nothing but make me question why it isn't at least in engine.. "Hey everyone, look at our new game!*" *Not actual in-game footage
  11. I believe it's origin was in the UK, but it's big in the Far East now. There were also references to the cigarettes in the number plates for the Group A cars: The use of "555" is obvious, but "BAT" is British American Tobacco, who own the 555 brand. Back to Deus Ex and I really enjoyed HR. The boss fights did seem a bit out of place, but they didn't ruin the game for me. I haven't touched the original game for years and, given that I have fond memories of it, perhaps I should leave it that way! In Thai, 5 is pronounced HA, so 555 is hahaha. And BAT (spelled Baht) i
  12. Isn't Techland the guys that originally made Dead Island? Moving to a Dakar game is super weird. They also made Xpand Rally, so it's not completely out of nowhere.
  13. Semi-On-Topic: Matt Farah got to drive a works Stratos, he didn't get to really wring it out much because it's part of a collection still fun to see. https://youtu.be/YdL6DKLdZto
  14. I honestly don't see GRAVEL being all that successful, not sure why CM is bothering competing with it. I don't know, maybe it's a bigger market than I'm aware of, but I personally don't see it. Can ANYONE on the Dirt team say SOMETHING about Dirt 4 besides the usual Twitter marketing stuff? My faith in this company has gone from 100 to 0 over the course of this year and it's really disappointing when something brilliant like Dirt Rally turns out to be a flash in the pan because the community gets ignored.
  15. Source? If they gonna move to a new Engine, it's the right time to make sure that the Engine supports Modding. Literally the first time someone has asked for a source for something in the gossip thread. Source?  
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