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  1. From the Announcement thread, March 26:
    justbiglee said:
    Reading the tweets. It sounds like u can't create ur own driver in career mode ?? Am I getting the wrong impression. Or is this for a later announcement 
    In F1 2015 you pick which driver / team you want to race for and compete as them.
    That seems like a massive step backwards for a Codies game. Their old school racing games have always had a major focus on creating your own driver and progressing through a career. We've seen this slowly eroded with these F1 games, with the licence being used as the excuse. I was looking forward to choosing your own driver number, with the new rules, but based on recent titles, where the car you were driving still had the original driver's name on it, I was doubtful. This has confirmed my worst fears. What's the point of a career mode if you're driving as someone else? Is there a career mode? Or is this just going to be a 19-race long season challenge?
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