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  1. The first time I turned auto wipers off, I find that you cannot turn them off once you turn them on. CMON YOU F_ING LAZY ****! FIX THE FUKING *****. It is appalling, The simplest things in the game are still unfinished. All you wanted was a fuking paycheck. Why don't you sell the franchise to someone who cares and would actually take a little pride in their work? I mean the fuking menu's don't even work rite. The more I play the more disgusted I get with your half-assed approach. The ffb the menu's the wipers, the list is endless. Every part of the game has something unfinished because the people in charge don't give a *** about anything but money. I am hoping you do not do the same thing to Pcars 3, that franchise is one of my favorites. If you *** it up I will make sure you will lose enough business that it will be painful for you. All you have to do is give a *****, get off your bum, and finish your broken *****.
  2. Your wonderful coding skills. Today's daily supercar RX. I finished the event completely, yet it gave me a DNF. Fix the simple **** stupid. All throughout the game, there is half-finished **** that causes a lot of problems. As I said before. Get off your asses and finish the game properly.
  3. SoBoog

    How long until Clubs are fixed

    They can't make money on clubs, so don't expect a fix anytime soon. They just don't give a ****!
  4. Or do you even know they are broke?
  5. The menu's do not work correctly, The mouse no longer works correctly, The collisions and physics are completely foobar. And you are still trying to sell us recycled ******** for a game that is barely half done. I have about had enough. Finish the ******* game!!!
  6. The mouse cursor is still in the middle of the screen. The menu's do not work correctly. Phill is useless ,Give us a co driver that calls things correctly more than 50% of the time. Fix the collisions that do not work correctly. And especialy the ******* reset. I have lost 3 events because I could not reset my car. And when it does finally reset I get a 30 second penalty, and we all know that is the end in rally. Get off your lazy ******* asses and fix and finish the game instead of trying to sell us recycled ********!! Can you even write code? I am beginning to wonder. Please do not **** up P cars 3 as you have With this franchise.
  7. SoBoog

    WRC 9

    NIGHT NOODLES! is what we call the rain in DR 2
  8. SoBoog


    They have taken way to many shortcuts in the design of this sim. Just like the horizon movement, They took the easiest, most simple way to do things, and it is wrong!
  9. I would vote you FINISH THE GAME!!!!!!
  10. SoBoog

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I understand that some vehichles will develope electrical problems,But enough is enough. My understanding is the ignition turning off in the car is a reliability issue. My understanding is that it is based on how reliable the cars are in real life. So why is it when I am driving a Ford or a Subaru my ignition shuts off at least twice during one stage. I can drive the Lancia all day,but as soon as I get into one of the most reliable cars in history I lose because the car shuts off multiple times.Easy fix...Fix it!!!