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  1. Your wonderful coding skills. Today's daily supercar RX. I finished the event completely, yet it gave me a DNF. Fix the simple **** stupid. All throughout the game, there is half-finished **** that causes a lot of problems. As I said before. Get off your asses and finish the game properly.
  2. The first time I turned auto wipers off, I find that you cannot turn them off once you turn them on. CMON YOU F_ING LAZY ****! FIX THE FUKING *****. It is appalling, The simplest things in the game are still unfinished. All you wanted was a fuking paycheck. Why don't you sell the franchise to someone who cares and would actually take a little pride in their work? I mean the fuking menu's don't even work rite. The more I play the more disgusted I get with your half-assed approach. The ffb the menu's the wipers, the list is endless. Every part of the game has something unfinished because the people in charge don't give a *** about anything but money. I am hoping you do not do the same thing to Pcars 3, that franchise is one of my favorites. If you *** it up I will make sure you will lose enough business that it will be painful for you. All you have to do is give a *****, get off your bum, and finish your broken *****.
  3. Or do you even know they are broke?
  4. SoBoog

    How long until Clubs are fixed

    They can't make money on clubs, so don't expect a fix anytime soon. They just don't give a ****!
  5. The menu's do not work correctly, The mouse no longer works correctly, The collisions and physics are completely foobar. And you are still trying to sell us recycled ******** for a game that is barely half done. I have about had enough. Finish the ******* game!!!
  6. The mouse cursor is still in the middle of the screen. The menu's do not work correctly. Phill is useless ,Give us a co driver that calls things correctly more than 50% of the time. Fix the collisions that do not work correctly. And especialy the ******* reset. I have lost 3 events because I could not reset my car. And when it does finally reset I get a 30 second penalty, and we all know that is the end in rally. Get off your lazy ******* asses and fix and finish the game instead of trying to sell us recycled ********!! Can you even write code? I am beginning to wonder. Please do not **** up P cars 3 as you have With this franchise.
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    WRC 9

    NIGHT NOODLES! is what we call the rain in DR 2
  8. I would vote you FINISH THE GAME!!!!!!
  9. SoBoog

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I understand that some vehichles will develope electrical problems,But enough is enough. My understanding is the ignition turning off in the car is a reliability issue. My understanding is that it is based on how reliable the cars are in real life. So why is it when I am driving a Ford or a Subaru my ignition shuts off at least twice during one stage. I can drive the Lancia all day,but as soon as I get into one of the most reliable cars in history I lose because the car shuts off multiple times.Easy fix...Fix it!!!