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  1. I also took part in the last 3 beta’s Yes.
  2. Well, I participated in all the last 3 beta’s, so dunno why I didn’t got picked again? Probably trying New people or something. At least I have more time for F1Esports now 😅
  3. Not a beta for an F1 Pro Draft driver last year and AOR F1 driver on ps4 😞. Good luck guys.
  4. Dear codemasters, last years F1Esports was really good! I was in the pro draft and had a lot of Fun and New experiences. Unfortunatly, I was knocked out after the pro draft. But I am already hyping up for the next F1Esports this year. But my question is, when Will it be announced and what format is it going to be like? I hope you can answer this question, because I think everyone wants to know :)! And I wanna qualify myself again for it and make it to the finals this year! hope to hear from you soon. kind regards, Floris Wijers psn: floriswijers14 @DanHawk1ns @jennyannem and all other codies developers/workers