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  1. Hi guys. As a experienced driver in race games I have some important observations. First of all I would like to mention that I paly without any assists, only driver eye cam and G29 900 deg steering wheel with cloutch + H-shifter. Dirt rally 1: in this game in my opinion the difficulty level was quite nice ballanced, on lancia fulvia after 4-5 championships I reached the highest difficulty class (12 stages per champoinship) then I went to drive other cars and I was able to be 1-7th possition on stages and always 1-4 in general clasification of the championship on this the highest difficulty level. I was not driving on 100% in career mode, first of all was to survive the stage and not to smash the car. By driving smooth and fast (80% of my max performance) I was able to have fair fight with AI and I dod not had to restart so many times stages due to crashes Dirt Rally 2: I was reading somewhere that the career difficulty level is calculated on H1 class championships and If you will reach "ellite", you can not go back (do not know if it is true or not). Anyway, by driving smooth & fast as in DR1, I had 30 sec gap per stage between me and 2nd AI car in this H1 class championship, it was easy as **** and I started to wondering what the hell is wrong with me or with this game. Ok I won H1 and went to H2. In H2 the AI were much faster than in H1 but I was able to be near 1st place. H3 Renault 5 turbo: Here the best place what I reached was ~12th and ~25 in general clasification. HELL HELL and HELL, it was not posible to win the race playing on complicated steering wheel with clouth H-shifter and only driver eye cam without assists. I think I could be better on analog game pad with external cams but not in this hard core setup. Ok I dropped H3 class due to outstanding AI times and bought R2 car, witch is much easier to drive and I was driving it very stabil, I can say that this car fit for me but even with this car and my driving skills I am near ~ 25th pos in general clasification!!! Conclusion: I think that in DR2 I could have better times on arcade setup with some assists, external cams and on analog game pad but in my opinion driving with external cams is not the point for such a "sim" games. Players who drive on complicated setup (900 deg steering wheel, clouth, H-shifter) shoud have completly other difficulty setup and other time table on multipalyer to sort palyer and theirs times made on easy setup from players who drive on hardcore. Other thing is the AI times and RALLY driving policy, as many people know, the point of driving rally is driving fast but not on the all cost, of course we can hold throttle on 100% almost all the time and take the highest risk of crash, but in such a driving style we will smash the car much more often. Of course we will reach incredible times when we will not crash due to luck but the luck will not be with us all the time, that is why driving the rally is specyfic - DRIVE FAST & SAVE. The AI level in career mode after finishing H1 with 30 sec gap, is incredible on higher class championships like H2, H3 and R2 (only those I tested). Driving policy drive fast and save will bring you to ~25 pos in general clasification finaly you will decide to drive on 100% like devil, ok you will have nice time but after 3km you will finish in the bushes somewhere on field on forest 🙂 sometimes not. Ok, you will beat the AI when you will learn the track/stage on freepaly mode but again learing the stage before the race is not the point of rally racing, for what do we have co-driver if we know the stage and every turn? The point is to not know the track, listen the co-driver and find the max save tempo to survive and get good time. That is why in my opinion the career mode difficulty is broken especialy for players who plays with driver eye cam and complicated setup of steering wheel.