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  1. First of all I am fun of simulators. (Always hard difficulity level, Race Driver 3 AI on 110% never less) In many prereviews I was reading that TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006) is coming back (TOCA 2 and Race Driver3 2006 where the best SIM games what codemasters made - driving phisics. In TOCA RC3 you need to switch on "gravel traps" and other stuff there to get realy good driving modeling, without this is DAMMED ARCADE - surly most players were driving without gravel traps). In grid I thought that if I will switch off all assists game will be demanding and will have good driving model. IT IS NOT. I
  2. Hi all. First of all, REALY BIG THANK YOU for Codemasters that finaly you have made not easy, demanding game, with long stages and where you feel that you drive a CAR and not a CARTON BOX, whre during driving with all assists off in cockpit with steering wheel, I have to adjust the gas power on corners to not sleep the wheels so much. Very often I have to drive with 50-70% of the max power of vehicle and it depends on the surface, THAT'S IT. After autosport I have lost hope that Codemaster can do a good, hard, demanding, model of driving. My favorite games were TOCA 2, TOCA Race Driver 3(grave
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