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  1. First of all I am fun of simulators. (Always hard difficulity level, Race Driver 3 AI on 110% never less)
    In many prereviews I was reading that TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006) is coming back (TOCA 2 and Race Driver3 2006 where the best SIM games what codemasters made - driving phisics. In TOCA RC3 you need to switch on "gravel traps" and other stuff there to get realy good driving modeling, without this is DAMMED ARCADE - surly most players were driving without gravel traps). In grid I thought that if I will switch off all assists game will be demanding and will have good driving model. IT IS NOT. It is realy arcade, but only connection with old TOCARC3 what I can see is big range of cars, races eetc. I will bet if dirt rally programmers team would do GIRD Autosport Phisics, then it would be much better, because Dirt Rally is quite good not easy game. Where you can feel that you are driving 1,5 ton car not the paper box. rather hard to drive without steering wheel. THATS IT!!!
    I suggest to take old good TOCA RC3 or TOCA 2 from archive of old server (surly codemasters has a copy) instal it and try to drive. Old programmers from phisics were very good. DO NOT FORGET TO SWITCH ON GRAVEL TRAPS in RC3. without gravel traps game is arcade- unakceptable driving phisics

    AI and race driving tactics are focused not on tactical overtaking and knowledge but on quite brutal driving style, what can confirm for example setups for second team driver (defend-he will push cars from track when somebody will try to overtake, Attack-better not to tell...hell). 
    So game AI are not so smart in smooth nice tactical driving like it was in RC3 or TOCA2, its always better to push somebody out of the track. In old good RC3 you and AI were getting penalities and warnings for cuting the track and agresive driving

    In my opinion from codemasters the best climat was in TOCA 2 and RC3, because to make good lap time you needed to drive 500laps on one trackto learn everything, so during the race time where opponents were siting on your tail you could feel higher blood pressure because you knew that one....only onle mistake will cost of loosing all points. And more over driving model was not easy and on hard mode every cars were siting on bumpers so close to each other, it was very 
    stresful - but this is the climat of closed track racing....

    RESUME: Autosport for me it would be good game, if it would have much better driving phisics even copied form Race Driver 3 (2006). Autosport has a potential but handling the car is unakceptable for me.

    I have hope that finaly Codemaster will make good game on Turning Cars Topic and GTRs with good driving morel. I think that after of big succes of Dirt Rally Codemasters has understood that the game can not be easy, more difficult game gives you more satisfaction when you will pass/win something. This is Dirt Rally....now waiting for asphalt racing....because autosport is not for me.

  2. Hi all.
    First of all, REALY BIG THANK YOU for Codemasters that finaly you have made not easy, demanding game, with long stages and where you feel that you drive a CAR and not a CARTON BOX, whre during driving with all assists off in cockpit with steering wheel, I have to adjust the gas power on corners to not sleep the wheels so much. Very often I have to drive with 50-70% of the max power of vehicle and it depends on the surface, THAT'S IT. After autosport I have lost hope that Codemaster can do a good, hard, demanding, model of driving. My favorite games were TOCA 2, TOCA Race Driver 3(gravel traps option MUST BE ON), CMR2, CMR 2004 because of not bad driving phisics. And after 12 years of waiting finaly I have something on good level. For me the game could be even more difficult. I have made a suggestion here;
    For future, I am waiting for something on closed asphalt raceways with turning cars from Codemasters. Something like TOCA 2 and Race Driver 3(gravel traps ON) where you had to drive 200laps to learn how to handle the vehicle and all holes on road, next 100 laps for create car setup with telemetry. Such a games I love :)
    Congratulations for DIRT RALLY team and driving phisics programers, model realy is not bad. Thats it!!! (finaly somebody has added 9,81ms^2 :D)

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