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  1. iConZz

    PLZ FIX K&N Motorsport

    Thats not a good explanation because i keep winning and completing the team objectives and still no K&N so this is a huge BUG
  2. iConZz

    PLZ FIX K&N Motorsport

    Im on PS3
  3. iConZz

    PLZ FIX K&N Motorsport

    Well ive raced another 5 season's in different classes wich would lead 2 K&N (i found this in other tread) and still no succes even no team offers changing @ all. This cant be normal.
  4. Hi, Im in season 43 and have almost everything on Level 11 and still no offer why has this come? it should be when you've won everything you should have acces to every team. No no you have to drive all over again to get this stupid theme WHY? im getting sick off this game i liked it @ the beginning , compare to GRID 2 is this 9/10 and GRID 2 more like 2/10 but ist getting so boring now just to get this 1 team for my trophy. Even when i do some events i get no new teams @ all. So plz fix this it aint funny.
  5. iConZz

    Fastest Lap Time Bug

    I don't know if its a BUG but its not normal either. You have a Sponser Objective = Get the fastest lap time or 3 times the fatsest la time. Well if only managed to get 2 fastest laps in probaly 60 races. Even when i get pole position on each track with 2 to 5 seconds lead on second driver. My best example is my latest track. Sepang Full lap = Difficulty Medium Pole Time: 2.05.300 / Second Driver 2.09.856 My Race Best: 2.04.325 / Second Driver 2.03.849 But the fastet of the pak is of course a spin out raven west car with 2.01.127 C'mon codies this is not OK Also in my second race i let a Raven West Car spin and he got 15 sec behind car 15 in 1 lap time het gets  up to 12 and finish with 4 sec lead on car 16 so on a lap he made 19 sec good?!
  6. Thx just found this out after completing another event.
  7. Hi im winning everything MEDIUM and im only getting theses teams. Razor OAKLEY Cusco Liqui Moly Forge Now even for the last 2 events i get 2 offers Razor and Forge. Also im level 9 on Touring Class so i want the Top Teams.