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  1. I tried on a 4k tv and it doesn't even give you the possibility to change and put 4k on xbox one x @MattyH1812
  2. You are the one who keeps saying that the monitor but you have not yet understood that it is the gamethe biggest problem is the 4k if you watch that video on the other page.
  3. I tried 4k on my TV does not change anything, and the xbox is not updated! It's an absurd thing I swear!
  4. instead of continuing to criticize. ps4 has been resolved while xbox is still identical and is absurd as a thing, a game of 2019 cannot be seen so point. 85/5000 and in any case the x is the console that is best seen and the year optimized only for that.
  5. They have to solve Punto, so it is hard to play and they had to optimize the game for each console
  6. Thierry97

    Please solve the fuzzy graphic on xbox One / S

    guys I do not lose hope, continue with sti dlc but the graphics are forced to fix it absolutely
  7. Thierry97

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    But sorry but this blessed graphics on lower power consoles is on the list or will they never solve it ???
  8. do you think they will settle ??? @StratosZero
  9. When will they solve graphics on less powerful consoles ???
  10. Thierry97

    Please solve the fuzzy graphic on xbox One / S

    you guys need to talk so they can solve this problem as soon as possible.