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  1. i sincerely hope it is 3.0 and not dirt 2 which would be the exact pair of 5 now
  2. @JZStudioswho confirmed it?
  3. February 2022 will come out in my opinion
  4. @PJTierneycould you at least tell us if it comes out this year
  5. @PJTierneypj can't say anything about it, It is useless to insist, I just want to know if the game will come out or we are talking about a game that will never come out
  6. usually for dirt rally games and another 4 years go by in which case it goes straight to the wrc title😏
  7. as far as I see no news on the development of dirt rally 3.0😔Please if you have news write it
  8. @bn880what do you know about it?
  9. as long as official sources say nothing, we won't know anything about the new dirt simulation game
  10. @Rallycameramanbut how will the hybrid have the same sound as now ???
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