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  1. dirt rally 3.0 in my opinion will not come out since in a few years they will have the wrc licenses and will focus only on that, as long as nobody says something concrete well in my opinion you have to wait at least another year
  2. news about the new dirt rally game? I believe that at this point they will wait for 2023🤔😏
  3. i sincerely hope it is 3.0 and not dirt 2 which would be the exact pair of 5 now
  4. @JZStudioswho confirmed it?
  5. February 2022 will come out in my opinion
  6. @PJTierneycould you at least tell us if it comes out this year
  7. @PJTierneypj can't say anything about it, It is useless to insist, I just want to know if the game will come out or we are talking about a game that will never come out
  8. usually for dirt rally games and another 4 years go by in which case it goes straight to the wrc title😏
  9. as far as I see no news on the development of dirt rally 3.0😔Please if you have news write it
  10. @bn880what do you know about it?
  11. as long as official sources say nothing, we won't know anything about the new dirt simulation game
  12. @Rallycameramanbut how will the hybrid have the same sound as now ???
  13. wonderful news and only that in 2023 we will have the hybrid and the sound well it will no longer be a problem for them but for us yes.
  14. I believe anyway and sorry if I insist that since dirt rally 3.0 is in progress I think we will see it if not next year maximum 2022
  15. @F2CMaDMaXXwhen you brake my car it doesn't
  16. guys more serious question why dirt 4 on xbox one x is blurred and very low quality?
  17. @F2CMaDMaXXdifferent in gear changes and before a curve
  18. I have a problem because the citroen C3 R5 does not make the correct sound when shifting and braking as on PC?😠
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