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  1. well in theory they have to spend at least 2 years in my opinion, if someone knows something about it, you can speak well@gk9147
  2. dirt rally 3.0 confirmed for 2022 ??
  3. @PJTierneyplease answer my last question.Thanks
  4. but there will be no rally as a discipline ??? @PJTierney
  5. strange there is no single rally🤔
  6. @gk9147codemaster did not say anything about a possible announcement
  7. @gk9147 and how do you know they announce the game ???
  8. guys announcement or there will be no announcement today ???
  9. we hope for an announcement tomorrow soon
  10. @PJTierney Are you sure dirt 5 comes out?
  11. are you sure it's Dirt 5 ???
  12. @PJTierneyon May 7, something should be known about this upcoming game
  13. given the emoji in sides I deduce it is really dirt 5
  14. @gk9147Will be presented this Thursday then ???
  15. @PJTierneycan you tell us if it will be a new dirt then arcade or more simulative dirt rally ???
  16. video on the new sound of the skoda and the c4 Wrc ???
  17. @F2CMaDMaXXand which sounds will be fixed ??
  18. when they fix the sound of the skoda fabia wrc ???
  19. But sorry but this blessed graphics on lower power consoles is on the list or will they never solve it ???
  20. first they have to fix the obscene graphics on lower power consoles @teknoid85
  21. When the hell do you solve the problem of graphics on lower-power consoles ???
  22. @ChristinaMcWill the graphics on xbox one / s be resolved in the next patch ???
  23. I know that I am tormenting you with this discourse but I see myself badly or the game on consoles with less power than on x is blurred
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