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  1. how is the sound of cars?
  2. In short, this blurred effect that many people will never resolve, I fear, will be so.
  3. How can the dlc monte carlo on xbox hold 10 mb ???
  4. guys i know i'm insistent with this problem but nobody has an answer to this, or if and when they fix the graphics on xbox one s and ps4
  5. there will be the photo mode with free view ???
  6. Guys there are chances that the update will arrive before the dlc of 12 March
  7. the patch was supposed to come out today
  8. but the patch when it comes out ???
  9. therefore it will be possible to create liveries in my team???
  10. Tomorrow the patch will come out ???
  11. will all of these problems and bugs be solved with a patch ???
  12. February 20 will come out the deluxe ???
  13. for those who have the deluxe there will be no additional costs?
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