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  1. On 8/15/2019 at 7:43 PM, Killso2 said:

    Ok, so for me, performance in vr is an issue it seems, everything in low except the shader quality and it still is below 90 fps.

    With asw off the tracking is very weird.

    Well, if it is one thing you should have on low to get performance it's shader quality. Having that on low is the only thing that, for me, prevents stuttering when turning my head around. If I set shader quality to high, I get stuttering no matter what other settings is set to low. I also have ASW turned off and I have constant 90fps using Oculus CV1.

  2. 28 minutes ago, scottishjim said:

    Well I'm disappointed that the co-driver calls are still missing from replays. (PS4)

    I reported this in V1.3 thread but it didn't get on to Riggs list. Maybe not important enough but it is to me. I use the replays a lot and need/want co-driver calls to work, particularly in helicopter view.

    Funny though. I did get co-driver calls in two cockpit views today but he just keeps saying "To stop - Well done" repeatedly throughout the whole stage replay.




    Same issue at my replay. «To finish, to stop.», all the way through. This was on v1.3



  3. Just finished 12 stages, Masters, New Zealand, here is the conditions I was driving in:

    1. Heavy Rain

    2. Night

    3. Wet

    4. Dry

    5. Heavy Rain - dark

    6. Night - wet

    7. Rain

    8. Dry

    9. Heavy Rain

    10. Rain - Night

    11. Rain

    12. Dry

    It was about exactly the same in the previous rally , Spain. The weather is worse than ever, *** ???? It's so gawd damn frustrating !!! 

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  4. 11 hours ago, mshagg said:

    I compared the device_defines.xml files before and post update - it would appear you've changed/broken something to do with the way that devices which arent specifically named by PID/VID in the xml file are being handled by the game.


    before v1.2 - button boxes, handbrakes etc worked fine even if they weren't specifically defined in the xml file.

    after v1.2 - these devices now need to be manually added in order for people to get them to work.

    Well, I guess that depends on what kind of controller used in the button boxes. I have two button boxes connected and they both work fine after the update, did not have to rebind anything. My handbrake on the other hand stopped working. I added a line "device_defines" file so that problem is taken care of for now.

  5. SamRWD said:
    eXerfit said:
    Ahh, so you're afraid you won't get all the DLC you want? 
    But I will leave it at that if you still don't understand how basic economics of a pipeline work. VR won't happen anyways since Codies said they will listen to a community. 1% is irrelevant.
    And what is the hottest topic in the community since the day they announced the game? Come on, I'm sure you have noticed..

  6. SamRWD said:
    eXerfit said:
    What a load of BS. I don't know why you buy into this **** that it will be lesser content if they implement VR.
    You call it BS, I call it facts https://youtu.be/YLHeJsUNB3A?t=8m42s 
    I said it is how it works even before that interview got published, it is just a common sense. I am happy to give you a credible source so you don't call common sense BS.
    Yeah, you call it facts because you buy into it. The tracks and cars are probably already modelled and finished by now so you will get your v2.0 pancake edition in time. But that does not mean that they can't make a VR patch for it later. They just have to say so and do it. To just rule it out and make people choose between content and VR is just plain stupid.

  7. What a load of BS. I don't know why you buy into this crap that it will be lesser content if they implement VR. Every other sim has loads of cars and tracks, so there is absolutely NO reason for Codemasters NOT to include it. DR2 will be a downgrade from DR1 otherwise.. Not often developers goes backwards but in this case they do.

  8. SamRWD said:
    RWDsam said:

    We don't want VR, we want more extra content.

    "We" don't want it of "you" don't want it?

    Guess it is first impirtant to know how much content is left out for VR implementation, isn't it?
    And then it is not your or mine decision but cm.
    "We" as in 99% of us who don't own VR. Monitor other topics to see that we are fed up with loud 1%.
    VR implementation takes significant effort. Significant compared to what? I will let you guess. Whatever it is, it benefits 100% of us, not 1%.

    looperi said:
    So motion will be supported well but not VR? 
    MTOJay Believes so. I don't (I just said it is easier to support than VR).
    "We as inn 99% of us who don't own VR".. Why do you speak for anyone else but yourself? I know a lot of folks without VR that couldn't care less if the game has VR or not, but none of them DON'T want it. They still can play on their pancake screens regardless..