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  1. 1 minute ago, klirium said:

    But it's a little strange to see this feature in a car which wasn't supposed to have one. DR promotes themselves as a simulator, it's twice as strange to not be able to switch this option off. What if I want to teach my niece to drive with manual transmission, to catch a car on a slope by clutch pedal for example?

    Thank you for your response though.

    I still can't see the problem here. As long as the car is moving, which it should all the time, the handbrake is NOT turned on by itself. It's only when you come to a dead stop this happens.

  2. 1 minute ago, Snoopy43 said:

    I have never even tried to go with assists, I just don't accept it. I want to make this game as realistic as it is possible. But I don't think that assists can make you faster in any way. 

    I told you all before that Lancia is realyyyyy fast in Monte. And I did this rally in our Polish Club and was smashed by more than a minute to the fastest guys in our club. And rally was shorter than here 🙂If you know how to use those cars, practice a lot with them and also risk a lot you will be flying. If @MongoJon [VR] manages to finish, you will see how it can be driven properly 🙂

    Assists is a no go for me also. Much better to drive without.

    About the Lancia, it's way easier to drive (in Monte anyway) than the BMW. Tried the stage a couple of times with the BMW, did 8.14 at best and it was scary as hell to drive. Then I tried the Lancia for just half the stage and noticed immediately that it was better to drive. Managed 8.02 on the actual run.

  3. 3 minutes ago, jnco89 said:

    Well was going ok then when into the forest and had a flat on another stage mongojon was just too fast. I wondered what assists your using mongojon?

    The only assist I use is "Automatic Windscreen Vipers". Everything else makes you slower..

    Btw; I did not qualify in world series, I'm attending a different competition.