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  1. hmm, according to schedule the rally track should be Noorinbee Ridge Ascent. When I drove it was Noorinbee Ridge Descent (?) This can't be right?
  2. FFS, every god damn day !! This is embarassing !! Driving clubs is near impossible now, has been for the last months..
  3. All this fuzz over ONE car? I know it's cool, but.. I'm expecting more..
  4. From Dirt Facebook page: Hello DiRT fans, ⚠️ We have seen reports of #DiRTRally 2.0 VR players experiencing blurred visuals following the release of Version 1.12. 🚧 We are currently investigating this and working on a hotfix which will release in the near future.
  5. PC, Steam, VR (HP Reverb) Picture is horribly pixelated at start of every stage. To resolve this I either have to drive off the starting line and the restart (which is NOT a solution at all) or I can change MSAA to something else, and back to where I want it. This happens *EVERY* time at the start line !! This has to be fixed A S A P !
  6. Finished New England. The Stratos is a handfull I must say. Was about on par with @ApexAzimuth as long as I kept the car on the road, but unfortunately I messed up a little too often.
  7. Blarghh ! Had a comfortable lead after SS3, then I somehow managed to puncture a rear tire halfway on SS4 because of some stupid mistake, and I had no spare. It was impossible to drive the car any longer so I had no choice but retire 😞
  8. Finally racenet up and running, I at least managed to finish the rally. Came out on top, and this I really had to work hard to accomplish. RWD up and down those mountains on ice/snow is a nightmare !
  9. Problem is now Racenet. If the servers isn't up within an hour I can probably not finish the rally. Too bad because I think I was onto something here.
  10. Assists is a no go for me also. Much better to drive without. About the Lancia, it's way easier to drive (in Monte anyway) than the BMW. Tried the stage a couple of times with the BMW, did 8.14 at best and it was scary as hell to drive. Then I tried the Lancia for just half the stage and noticed immediately that it was better to drive. Managed 8.02 on the actual run.
  11. ****. After first stage I'm 6 seconds ahead of Snoopy43, but now racenet is down and I'm not able to continue. If I leave or quit to menu now the progress will be lost !! Gawd damn !
  12. Well, conditions should be optimal for speed, no track degradation and full daylight. (I'm exerfit (racenet name))
  13. Well, Poland, what can I say? I think that and New Zealand has to be the stages I've driven the least. I had to drive safe, can't really push hard when I don't really know the stages that well.
  14. The only assist I use is "Automatic Windscreen Vipers". Everything else makes you slower.. Btw; I did not qualify in world series, I'm attending a different competition.
  15. First run in a looong time driving without VR !! That was very unaccustomed to say the least. Reason for doing so; I'm attending finals in a competition where I'm probably not allowed to use VR. So I have only a few days to get used to driving on a pancake screen 😞 That's tough !
  16. Hehe, yes. But I was not expecting to make it because I was so far behind. And I really hate Monte, specially in DR2. In DR1 there was at least some grip in the snow/ice parts. Personally I don't care if the level of grip in DR2 is supposed to be like this IRL, it's no fun at all. The dry parts is kind of ok.
  17. Got off with a terrible start, puncture early on SS1. Somehow I managed to climb my way to the top in the end..
  18. You can relax @SkyRex, I’m pretty sure I’m NOT going to win them all 😄 There are some countries I just can’t get the hang of at all.. yet..
  19. Sweden is definately my favourite 🙂 Just drove it, went very well I think. Only a couple of small spins but nothing major.
  20. Blahhh, destroyed my engine at SS2. No point in continuing, I retired.
  21. Yeah, that may be correct. But I don't have the skills in Spain to pull that kind of gap. Only took 7 seconds on Snoopy. As I understand he was driving on dry/soft tires.
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