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  1. PC, Steam, VR (HP Reverb)

    Picture is horribly pixelated at start of every stage. To resolve this I either have to drive off the starting line and the restart (which is NOT a solution at all) or I can change MSAA to something else, and back to where I want it. This happens *EVERY* time at the start line !! This has to be fixed A S A P !

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  2. 1 minute ago, Snoopy43 said:

    I have never even tried to go with assists, I just don't accept it. I want to make this game as realistic as it is possible. But I don't think that assists can make you faster in any way. 

    I told you all before that Lancia is realyyyyy fast in Monte. And I did this rally in our Polish Club and was smashed by more than a minute to the fastest guys in our club. And rally was shorter than here 🙂If you know how to use those cars, practice a lot with them and also risk a lot you will be flying. If @MongoJon [VR] manages to finish, you will see how it can be driven properly 🙂

    Assists is a no go for me also. Much better to drive without.

    About the Lancia, it's way easier to drive (in Monte anyway) than the BMW. Tried the stage a couple of times with the BMW, did 8.14 at best and it was scary as hell to drive. Then I tried the Lancia for just half the stage and noticed immediately that it was better to drive. Managed 8.02 on the actual run.

  3. 3 minutes ago, jnco89 said:

    Well was going ok then when into the forest and had a flat on another stage mongojon was just too fast. I wondered what assists your using mongojon?

    The only assist I use is "Automatic Windscreen Vipers". Everything else makes you slower..

    Btw; I did not qualify in world series, I'm attending a different competition.

  4. 13 minutes ago, AadHofman said:


    You mean by driving the fastest time for every other stage?

    Hehe, yes. But I was not expecting to make it because I was so far behind. And I really hate Monte, specially in DR2. In DR1 there was at least some grip in the snow/ice parts. Personally I don't care if the level of grip in DR2 is supposed to be like this IRL, it's no fun at all. The dry parts is kind of ok.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, Janneman60 said:

    Well, you lose about 10 seconds with the wet tires on the dry stages, but you win almost a minute compared to drivers with slick tires on a wet stage...

    Yeah, that may be correct. But I don't have the skills in Spain to pull that kind of gap. Only took 7 seconds on Snoopy. As I understand he was driving on dry/soft tires.

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