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  1. Yeah, I officially s_uck at asphalt. Didn't help that I've got a 27+8 second penalty either. And I'm really not sure that to choose wet tires for stage 4,5 and 6 was the best thing to do. There was absolutely no grip left at SS6. Oh well, I'm glad I was able to finish the race at all 🙂 Spain and Monte is really not my thing.
  2. Well, in Finland it does not matter that much in my opinion, it's mostly flat out on wide roads.
  3. Finland went ok I guess, I started to lose grip along the way so I had a couple of spins. Can’t believe I didn’t puncture at one time I slid into a rock so I was very lucky 🙂
  4. Just finished Germany. This is my least favorite place to drive, my drivingstyle does not seem to suit asphaltracing. But I felt I drove as fast as I could and it was very close all the way. On stage 6 I came into a corner a bit to fast and slid too far out on the grass so I got a reset back to track and 11 sec penalty. That said I'm very pleased to be on top for the moment 🙂
  5. I just use default setup most of the time, no trickery there I'm afraid. The only thing I adjust, sometimes, is the gear ratio. I have not the time, skills or will to tweak every bit of the car. I sure could benefit from it but I've got so used to the default setup and it's working ok for me.
  6. Suspicious, really? I can assure you that I'm a legit driver, just ask around. But if you need "proof of legitimacy" of my skills in Sweden you can watch this video. It's from DR1, but whatever..
  7. Well, if it is one thing you should have on low to get performance it's shader quality. Having that on low is the only thing that, for me, prevents stuttering when turning my head around. If I set shader quality to high, I get stuttering no matter what other settings is set to low. I also have ASW turned off and I have constant 90fps using Oculus CV1.
  8. One simply cannot release a racing game without VR support nowadays, or at least patch it later so that is has. I can't even describe how disapointed I would be if no VR support is added to this game!
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