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  1. @JZStudios , After reading your post I'm not surprised your staying away from Thrustmaster , Id not go near them either if it was the same over here but so far touch wood I've had no issues , I'm surprised there still in business in the US and I'm more surprised there allowed to get away with it and still selling shoddy products . I've really been considering getting a Fanatic wheel  i love the look of it but i can't seem to convince the misses it's worth the money plus I've spent to much on all the Thrustmaster wheels I've bought :).

  2. JZStudios said:
    I guess if you're in the UK then Thrustmaster is a better option. I live in the U.S. and I bought 2 wheels that killed themselves. The first one I used like 3 times, the second one was alive just long enough to get the drivers on it before it died. I guess for the UK they are less a piece of crap.

    Edit* From what I remember though the wheel wasn't bad until the shoddy quality killed it. I don't know if they sell just the servo base by itself for PS4, but if they do I'd suggest that. I bought the Ferrari TX something or other for the XBone for $400. The wheel rim and pedals were complete trash and a waste of money.
    I've had all Thrustmaster wheels except the T500 and i have not had one issue with any of them they all run perfectly . I wonder if there using different parts for different regions and that's why certain people have a bad time with the wheel, A few of my mates have the same wheels as me and there's are still running great as well . Currently you can buy a T300 for £259 from tesco and £214 off ebay.

  3. markripp said:
     I've just started using the Renault 5 Turbo is there anyone willing to share a tune with me please ? 
    The R5T is kinda broken right now, and understeers a hell of a lot, so it's more about the way you drive it rather than the setup right now. However, to help, softed the diff significantly, and maybe put a bit of rear bias on the brakes - not too much though. 

    I thought myself that something felt wrong with the car  i just couldn't figure out what , I will try what you suggested . My first car was a Renault 5 turbo paid £50 for it when i was 15, All it needed was 4 new wheels loved it. I had many of hours of fun thrashing it round my local cow field it was a powerful little car we used to have kind of rally/banger races about 10 of us all driving a range of cars it was great.

  4. I have been coming on this forum just before the game released for console and i have not seen one reply from a Dev , I'm disappointed but i don't know if i have just been spoilt on the pcars forum . Hopefully the Devs read the forums at least and add controller support while using a wheel plus keyboard support and UDP support and the main one for me online rally's  :) .

  5. I agree with all you just said. I love this game, I'm having a blast working my way through the rally stages in career mode, But once i have gone as far as i can in career and there not being any online rally stages that will be me going back to project cars and Dirt being shelved which will be a crying shame , Online rally support would make this game one of the best and keep me playing for years to come .

  6. I just joined your league and it's not showing in game for me either , I joined another league straight after and that one showed in game straight away. 

    Edit, When you create your league at the top of the screen click your name and make sure you have the right platform picked mine keeps changing to steam but i'm on ps4 i have to change it every time i log in .

  7. I'm running my TH8A in sequential mode, Plugging the usb cable in to the ps4 then i assign down shift to hand brake it's working great and it's not just on off  i can touch it just a little bit and it's only applying a small bit of brake  .

  8. I agree, I really expected online rally stages when i bought the game hope something can be done about it, It's still a great game. Three of my mates and my brother were going to buy the game until they found out about no online rallying so instead of us racing on dirt most nights it's going to be project cars shame because i would rather be playing this .

  9. I agree it's one hell of a game codies have done an amazing job. Project cars hasn't been out of my ps4 since last may i was addicted but now Dirt is my new Love, The only time i'll be jumping on pcars now is when i fancy racing multiplayer, If codies add online rally stages then dirt will be staying in my ps4 for quite some time.

  10. Dbkmac said:
    Just googled a bit and it looks like the clamp-thing will work with playseats challenge chair. pEst410... I looked into the wheel-stand and it just looks a bit flimsy + i dont suffer from neck problems and like the "hammock-style" Playseat. Sooo... Maybe the T150 will do me just fine. Leaves more money for shifter and decent pedals with clutch. Excellent! Thx!

    I have the T150 and a Playseat challenge it fits on there perfectly , One piece of advice i can give you is on the playseat there is Velcro straps you should  buy two small clamps to clamp the velcro together , You don't want to be sitting in the seat and it collapsing like it did on me :D  my thumb got caught and crushed between the bars. But other than that it's a decent little set up.