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  1. Munchk1n

    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    I agree that if you damage your car in a race, then yes, you should pay hefty amounts to fix your car, but this doesn't seem to be that case, after every race, your car needs to be repaired by a specific percantage every time anyway. If your car is level 10, and you race without incident, your car suffers 3% damage and the costs to repair are minimal. You take the same car and drive it straight into the wall, you retire, your car suffers 3% damage. Now you take a level 43 car, you race a clean race, your car suffers 20% damage, the repair bills are immense, you take your same level 43 car, drive it into a wall, and get 20% damage anyway. It feels like we are being punished for taking the time to own and level our cars, don't punish us because we have a level 43 car with no serious accidents and still has under 1000km on the clock. Punish the rammers and crashers with expensive repair bills, isn't this what it was supposed to be intended for? This also leaves the question that when you damage your car in a race, it doesn't seem to be that aversely affected, I was in a race where the leader smashed his car to pieces a few times by hitting walls (probably wallriding) and I still couldn't catch him even though my car had been in no big impacts. So clean drivers are also punished over reckless drivers.
  2. I think there is just something a miss with AI, I thought that codemasters got rid of rubberbanding, but I feel this is rubbish, when you're in a single player race, race 2 in touring cars for example and you have to start last. after a laps (depending on difficulty), you manage to get past all the AI drivers, and you leave the Raven West team in the dust, and make yourself a nice big lead, then suddenly, as if out of no-where, Nathan is catching up to you, but you've been doing the fastest laps, but he can't quite catch up enough to overtake you. Now the issue of online time trials where AI is added, it seems half the AI cars are just driving leisurely around the track, while the other half are actually trying to get good lap times, but now, if you're driving behind an AI car trying to get good laps in, and you get close enough, it suddenly slows down to a halt, but it won't get out of the racing line, so you inevitably plough straight into the back of the AI car. Now there is the problem with AI cars in general. Sure, you see (in real life), especially in the early stages of the race, cars riding 2 abreast, both drivers give each other room on the race track, yes they touch and scrape, but you cannot do this against AI, they will cut you off, you take the inside line in the apex, they will shove you off the track, you get a penalty for crossing the line, you try going around the outside, they shove you onto the gravel. I find the AI is just too annoying and frustrating, I don't even see rammers driving this aggressively, and yet we get punished when the AI shoves us around when we're "trying" to get past cleanly. It's now come to a stage that I'll ram the AI drivers out the way before they can ram me. During online challenges, It is almost impossible to get platinum because the AI is either cock blocking you, or shoving you into oblivion. The AI seems to be on easy, because they don't drive very fast, and you can get past them all easily within one lap if you're lucky enough to get around them, so my suggestion, they should be faster on track to avoid the annoyances of them being in your way, and if you are running abreast with an AI driver, to let them let you drive next to you, yes, if you shove them, then they can shove you, but it's annoying they the AI is instigating the shoving most of the time.
  3. Munchk1n

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Wouldn't mind a little more realism, Driving around Brands hatch in cat C touring cars (WTCC equivalent), I hardly have to brake at all. I think this is because it feels like the car automatically slows down while cornering, I have all assists off. I know that you cannot accelerate as fast whilst cornering, but something just feels a bit off here. How do I check my online impact rating? I cannot join random matches, and says something about my impact rating, but I've hardly raced online, I've been a clean driver.  Otherwise, so far I'm enjoying the game.