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  1. In the delta hud there are 5 drivers around the player and the gap with the player. Is it possible to add the information of the lap time of these drivers? Driver Gap to player Last lap time
  2. In F1 2020 I used 100 ai level, in F1 2021 I set AI level on 90 and I struggle. I have the impression with my wheel that tyres don't rotate enough in comparison of F1 2020. I tried with SEN = 360 or SEN = 300. What are your fanatec csl elite f1 settings?
  3. I have to set sen = 150 because with sen = 360 degrees the car doesn't rotate. In F1 2020 I had sen =300 degrees. Is it a bug or a change of the game?
  4. I have to play with 150 degrees or steering saturation between 40-60 because with 360 degrees the car doesn't turn. I'm on PC steam.
  5. Not in main menu but in myteam movies and in some menu in the practice session of my team. I have this problem in F1 2020 but also in other games. In ACC there is the option to set an fps limit for menu
  6. BarryBL, I know there is 'limit FPS' option but I need two limit FPS option, one for the game and one for menu and movies. In Assetto Corsa Competizione there is the FPS menu option and in fact I have no problem with menus frame rate. With only a limit FPS option I have to change FPS whenever I am in my team movies or menus and whenever I race.
  7. I tried both V-Sync on and off but the problem is that in-game menu has the same fps than during a race. If I lower fps I don't have problems with myteam cutscenes and menus. At the moment every time I have to change fps between cutscenes and race. Acc has this option!
  8. I have problem with max FPS in menu and movies in Myteam because my NVIDIA 2080 use 100% GPU. During the game it's all OK. In other games like ACC there is an option to choose FPS in menu.
  9. In F1 2020 I have an high 98% gpu usage mainly in game menu and in my team footages. I have this problem also in other games. Anyone know a solution? My system is RTX 2080 i7-9900 monitor 144hz
  10. I have fanatec csl elite F1 set with load cell kit. I saw that many racers in time trial have 100% braking force in game. I would like to know your brf on the wheel and in game for F1 2020 for the races. I play 50% races. In F1 2019 I used 30 brf on the wheel screen and around 80% braking force in the game.
  11. I would like to have an editor for driver ratings and team ratings for offline mode, like football games. In this mode I can update values in real time and I mustn't wait Codemasters updates.
  12. I would like to know if in F1 2020 you can obtain faster laps with a 144 hz monitor, with 144 fps, against 60 hz, with 60 fps
  13. I would like to know if 144 hz monitor, with 144 fps, is better than 60 hz, with 60 fps, in terms of laptimes.
  14. I don't like practice sessions in career mode and in my team with ers management, fuel, tyre wear ecc... My idea is to semplify in: - race stint: 5 laps with an amount of fuel to simulate the race - qualifying stint: 2 laps with an amount of fuel to simulate qualifying (3 laps of fuel) Every stint could have a target lap time. Every pilot could have 3 race simulations and 2 qualifying simulation, for example. This can change in case of short or long practice session choice. This o similar system permit also to try different setups. Also the CPU could ma
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