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  1. jamesjuve86

    Not costant times bug, maybe ffb not costant!

    Hello BarryBL. 1. My times are not costant. 2. F1 2019 PC Steam 1.22. 3. Grand Prix mode 4. I did a qualifying lap in Australia and i did 1:23,8. I restarted my fanatec csl elite F1 wheel with LC pedals and i did 1:22,1, which Is my time with Ferrari in Australia. 5. I have seen this problem many times, also in races and in other Tracks. 6. I tried to reload the game, the wheel drivers etc... 7. Fanatec Csl elite F1 set with load Cell pedals
  2. I play F1 2019 PC version with fanatec csl elite F1 set. My lap time in Australia qualifying is 1:22,1 but many times only i do 1:23,8 or 1:23,3. Also in offline races my times are slow about 1 second respect my best. This morning I turned off the wheel and i switched on again i did 1:22,1 while before I was only able to set 1:23,3... I tried with thrustmaster t150 and PlayStation version and i found this problem again... I really don't know why... I have this problem from months but I haven't seen nobody to report this... Thanks for your attention, James
  3. jamesjuve86

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    I would like to have possibility to choose the weather in career and in Championship modes...
  4. jamesjuve86

    Practice pace vs race pace ?

    Clear weather and same temperature. With abs on times are similar, with abs off tyre degradation is higher and i am slower than practice pace.
  5. Austria 50% with medium traction control and abs on 4% tyre consumption every lap. Austria 50% with no assist 5% tyre consumption every lap. Is realistic?
  6. jamesjuve86

    Practice pace vs race pace ?

    Without drs in practice and race
  7. jamesjuve86

    Practice pace vs race pace ?

    In race i am much slower than practice session with same fuel and same tyre wear about 1 second every lap. Are useless practice sessions? I use always 50% races and 50% practice sessions.
  8. I would like to be faster. I racing against 95 - 90 Ai level. It would be nice to have a F1 racing school to improve my laptimes.
  9. Ai is faster than race times in practice. It would be better they have the same pace as referement for the player.
  10. In time trial I am slower than top player about 3 seconds. I play f1 2019 without helps, with fanatec csl elite and load cell pedals. In one lap 3 second are a lot of time. Any tips?
  11. jamesjuve86

    AI Strategy

    In many 50% races after first stop the cars ahead are in middle of traffic because they have to start with soft tyres of Q2 qualifying session as F1 rule. To avoid this problem should be an option to equal strategy for all the cars. If I don't make qualifying session all the cars, except one, starts with the same strategy. Sorry for my English but I hope you understand. Yours sincerely, James
  12. In Grid 2019 AI is faster in some circuits and slow in others. In F1 2019 AI is not on five levels but with a system of 0 - 110 points. I find AI system of F1 2019 better than GRID system. AI in F1 2019 is similar on all circuits while GRID AI is random. I think that AI consistency is the point on which Codemasters have to work for GRID 2019.