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  1. Ai is faster than race times in practice. It would be better they have the same pace as referement for the player.
  2. In time trial I am slower than top player about 3 seconds. I play f1 2019 without helps, with fanatec csl elite and load cell pedals. In one lap 3 second are a lot of time. Any tips?
  3. jamesjuve86

    AI Strategy

    In many 50% races after first stop the cars ahead are in middle of traffic because they have to start with soft tyres of Q2 qualifying session as F1 rule. To avoid this problem should be an option to equal strategy for all the cars. If I don't make qualifying session all the cars, except one, starts with the same strategy. Sorry for my English but I hope you understand. Yours sincerely, James
  4. In Grid 2019 AI is faster in some circuits and slow in others. In F1 2019 AI is not on five levels but with a system of 0 - 110 points. I find AI system of F1 2019 better than GRID system. AI in F1 2019 is similar on all circuits while GRID AI is random. I think that AI consistency is the point on which Codemasters have to work for GRID 2019.
  5. Codemasters please add an option to turn off mandatory tyre rule for the race. In many of 50% races first 10 pilots have to do two pitstops against one of the others. In 50% races the fastest cars after first pitstop are in little trains with other cars. To avoid this situation actually I have to do races without qualify and cars have all the same pit strategies. But i would like to race with qualify session. Thanks, James
  6. I know that in F1 the race start tyre is the q2 tyre. But in 50% races if the first 10s cars with soft tyres and the others with medium there are little trains after the first pitstop with best cars between the other cars. For example I select only a race without a qualifying session the cars in Spain start all with medium tyres. After they change tyres with hard. My request is an option to enable an equal best strategy for all cars for the races to avoid little trains without the rule of the first 10s cars tyres.
  7. 1. Sim-arcade: near a simulation but not too a simulation 2. Not too detailed setups 3. Pit-stops 4. Tire wear option: x1, x2, x3... 5. Fuel consumption option: x1, x2, x3... 6. All real important circuits 7. Principal categories: F1, Touring car, DTM, GT... 8. Editable performance editor of AI and their names... 9. Editable offline championship 10. Realistic AI 11. Practice and qualifyng sessions Which features for you must have a racing game?
  8. jamesjuve86

    What's in free play mode?

    I don't like a lot career mode but I like custom Championships.
  9. I'm slow with my CSL Elite with the manual start. I don't know why. Can someone make a video with the wheel and the start of F1 2019?
  10. jamesjuve86

    Team performance order after patch

    For me the order in center is McLaren, Renault, alfa, racing point and haas.
  11. jamesjuve86

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    Is it a bug of 50% races? Also I have this problem: after two races, during the third race in China my gearbox is on 100% before last 5 laps of the race.
  12. Which is the best to play F1 2019, TV or Monitor? Are there differences between two? With a monitor can you get faster laptimes?
  13. In career mode 50% Williams gear box last only 3 races. Is this a bug?
  14. I have this question. I play f1 2018 ps4 with TV 43'' Panasonic and not with a gaming monitor. I'm two seconds slower than first players in hotlap mode. With a gaming monitor can I get faster laptimes?