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  1. When installing parts, instead of having to select yes and confirm, why not use the right arrow button to install the part, left arrow to un-install the part? It will save all the unnecessary time and key presses that you have to go through when installing parts. In the racenet challenges, when we have finished the challenge and been given our rewards, can we not be returned to the pit menu so we can quickly start that challenge again? At the moment, we have to navigate all the way to the challenge each time. In time trials, when we return to the pit menu, can you not put up an icon so we can view the leaderboards? At the moment once we are in a time trial, we cannot see the leaderboards, unless we come all the way out and then it takes a lot of navigation to get back to the track selection. The leaderboards could also be put in the racenet challenges pit menu as mentioned above. Any chance of these simple changes in the next patch? They should be easy to implement and will make a big difference to how smooth and quickly we can check leaderboards, install parts and re-try the racenet challenges. Also +1 to being able to save in the extra championships and for them to be organised under Drag, Sprint, Touring Car Legends. Also allow drag and sprint options in the offline custom for Classic and Legends Touring cars, these are missing at the moment. Many thanks and I would really appreciate if Loore could pass this onto the team and let me know what he thinks.
  2. Also for those that have bought the sprint pack and touring car legends back, can we not have the new tracks in the time trial mode? After paying the money for these tracks, surely we should have the tracks in this mode.....? What do you think?
  3. Can we please have an icon within the paddock menu so that we can see the leaderboards in the time trial mode? It is so frustrating when you are given your friend' leaderboards after you have set your time but when you return to the paddock, you cannot access any leaderboards at all. And when you quit the paddock screen, you are taken right back to the initial time trial screen and you have to navigate all the way back, that's if you can remember the class,  and the track to view the leaderboards. We don't need the leaderboards at the track selection process, we need the leaderboards within the paddock menu!!! PLEASE CHANGE THIS!!!! Also any chance of fixing the PS3 leaderboards online, it is still showing the 20 or so times around our best time, there is no way to see the top times once we have set a time!
  4. ScoobyBlue

    Camera Angle Feedback

    Bumper cam needs to be raised, it is too low at the moment. Would be nice to have the option of being able to raise and lower the camera as an menu option when pausing the game. This could apply to chase cams too.
  5. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    http://blog.codemasters.com/careers/01/qa-technicians-southam/ :) Regarding the difficulty carrying over from RaceNet Challenge, I'll relay what you've said back to the team :) Will you please relay all the other points back to the team for inclusion in a forthcoming patch? Will the bugs mentioned on this thread actually be fixed? I hope so! I noticed that the pc and xbox have already had a day 1 patch. Is that patch due for the ps3 soon? Also are time trials in the pipeline? And what format will they take? Every car on every track has a leaderboard? It would be nice to get the leaderboards fully working, at the moment in racenet, you can only see the 20 above and the 20 above you!
  6. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Major bug on PS3, not sure on other platforms. When doing the racenet challenges, the difficulty is automatically set to custom to ensure no flashbacks are used etc and certain options cannot be altered. Seems fair so that everyone has a level playing field for the leaderboards. HOWEVER, these settings overwrite the difficulty settings in career mode and single player custom cup!!!!. So if you do the demolition derby challenge and don't even set anything in the difficulty option, when you return back to your single player modes, the difficulty has been set to custom with no flashbacks etc and all of your other settings have been altered to match those ones forced on you in the racenet challenges! I cannot believe all these annoying bugs have remained in the retail version!!!! I have had the game only a couple of days and already I have a large list of bugs!! Any chance of becoming a tester for codemasters. Just send me a disc, let me have a week with it or so and you will be able to  make your games with a few less tiresome bugs!!!! Cannot believe the lack of testing on such simple things! They are easy to pick up just by navigating the menus etc. Did you not have that as part of your testing. If they have not tested these things out correctly, god help the stuff we cannot see! A bit disappointed in codemasters that a lot of these bugs have been missed!
  7. ScoobyBlue

    no engine sound on 360

    sounds are cutting out on the ps3 version, appears to be no logic to it. looks like the sound handling routines are bugged.
  8. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    when certain things have to be saved, the menu goes blank,with 2 white lines and a red line appears for a few seconds while things are saved.This makes the UI look poor, it would be better to stay on the menu you are in, then save, once the save is finished, return back to the higher menu. Try it in the paddock vehicle upgrades, apply the upgrades and then back out, the ui looks awful while the options are saved.
  9. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    audio settings, dynamic range, if you set this to low, the game appears to forget next time you play. You have to go into the audio settings,and even though it is correctly set to low, it is just the entering of this menu that causes the sound to correct itself.
  10. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    also please could we have an option to raise/lower the bumper cam, default is too low to the ground.
  11. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    more bugs:PS3: Shadows flickering/disappearing on tracks. Especially in destruction derby track, bathurst. Looks awful and this did not happen in Grid 2 on these tracks. When in time attack, you are given a list of the competitors, all of them appear in custom cup, and you are given a position, however as soon as on the racetrack, you appear straight away in a different position. Also when you finish your 3 laps you are given your final position, but surely the other drivers need to finish their 3 laps. Time attack mode on racnet challenges, the list before you enter the track, has drivers 1-7, then you as11 but the rest of the list is missing. This does not happen in off line modes. Racenet challenges, it would be nice when finishing the race and after your awards to be able to be put back in the paddock menu, ready to try again, instead of being booted out to the overall challenge menu. Also if you restart after the results page, you don't get any awards, so you have to go through for your awards, then you are taken all the way out! When awarding xp on the racenet challenges, why don't you when adding the total, add it to your overall xp, that way, the bar that progresses can match the xp being awarded.You do this when awarding money, the money is added up as it is added to your overall amount, it looks much better this way. At the moment, the xp bar increases but you don't know when it is going to stop. It works fine in career mode but not online. more to follow as I play more.....!
  12. ScoobyBlue

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Bugs I have found on the ps3: (1) Sound problems. Missing replay music, sometimes it can be heard, other times not. Car radio does not always work, just get a crackle instead of a voice update. Music not always present when playing checkpoint and eliminator modes. Flashback sound does not always play when pressing triangle button to start and end flashback. Too many sound dropouts occur when racing. Also menu sound effects when moving around the menu can disappear at will. (2) On racenet, the leaderboards show the overall fastest times for the challenges, but as soon as you compete in them, the leaderboards just become the 20 above you and the 20 below you, with you always on 21st best! There is no way to see what the fastest time is on that challenge! You should be able to scroll through top, nearest, friends and club times. (3) When selecting your liveries for the car, it would be nice to use R1 and L1 to scroll through them and then view the car close up. Why do you have to go to another screen to select your livery BUT it then takes you into the event once you select your livery. It should be like GRID 2 where you can scroll through them on the same page and view the car. (4) Custom Cup - it always changes the track when you amend one of the other choices. If I pick the track, then decide to change the car type, the track has changed, even though that track can be used for those cars. Also why do I have to enter another screen to select the track. I select event details and it shows the track selected, but then I have to go into another screen. On Grid 2 this could be done from the same screen. Is there any chance next to event details, you could have the track name to the right and if you wish to change it, you just go to one more screen to change, rather than 2! And after playing a custom cup, when you return back to the selection menu, the track has changed. (5) Grid order - sometimes when I finish in the top 3 on race 1, instead of putting me to the back for the next race, I find myself in pole position. (6) Checkpoint and eliminator, GRID 2 had these nailed, but in Grid Autosport, they lack the excitement. We need more use of the music and the radio to create more tension, it is very lame the way it has been implemented. Put it back to how GRID 2 had it. (7) Online, once you have done a search to see what lobbies there are, a list is produced, if you go into one of these lobbies and find the event underway, when you back out, instead of going to the lobby list, it takes you right out and it takes another 2-3 menu pages to get back to the lobby list. Please amend so you go back to the lobby list! Hopefully these niggles can easily be sorted. I have Grid, Grid 2 and now Grid Autosport. Enjoyed the first 2 but the latest one just feels a little bit rushed and not as polished as it could be. I am sure with a few patches down the line, the game can be put right. If I find any more bugs/problems I will add them to this thread. However it is nice to be able to contact codemasters and leave feedback, it is refreshing these days for companies to talk and hopefully listen to their customers. Thanks.