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  1. Those suffering this no grip bug and crashing on PC, have you had steam verify game files?
  2. nbates66

    Tyre life and Running order

    If you're going to do this sort of thing shouldn't you also be comparing stage section times between compounds to see if tyre heating is taken into account? Information in first two posts is kinda useless since there's no mention of what was driven, Day/night may need to be taken into account as well.
  3. nbates66

    Season 1 content missing

    Having this problem as well - screenshots attached.
  4. nbates66

    fps issues is there any answers ?

    Tried Lowering Crowd and shadow detail levels?
  5. nbates66

    Darkness and rain all the time

    To be honest, Whilst I'll admit there appears to be a lot of rain and night stages, I rather enjoy it instead of 80% boring day-dry stages. Think a lot of people should harden up! Reality is you aren't always going to get ideal conditions in a rally. I will however, agree they need to fix the lighting issues, such as instances where suddenly things appear to be almost pitch-black just because of a bit of tree coverage in certain conditions.
  6. The PS4 Pro's hardware is laughable compared to the X, often relying on a bunch of tricks and algorithms to render at "near" high res then upscale.
  7. Eh, framerates can drop by around 30-40% in various sections of Argentina in the rain at 1080P(albeit highest settings of course), makes things complicated when trying to accommodate consoles like the PS4 Pro at anything above 1080P, perhaps Codemasters will be able to optimize it to allow the option in time but if you care about high resolutions then a console isn't so suitable anyway.
  8. Which device made the difference? What's the motherboard model?
  9. @ShodanCat For curiosity's sake, exactly which version drivers do you have? Disabled Shadowplay / Radeon Relive / Steam Overlay? These are the drivers and software I have installed and working without issues:
  10. I'm presuming this is what's slated for release on the standard non early access date. Am I correct @ChristinaMc?
  11. So somebody posted a file-mod workaround on steam forums, I'm wondering if the values are set this way for a reason though? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663123655 Regarding audio dropouts, Not sure what triggers them but I found I could workaround it by alt+tabbing out and disabling/re-enabling my audio device, if you have auto-sensing 3.5mm jacks or a USB audio device you can probably just re-plug it as well. EDIT: wait a sec, by day one patch you mean the release date of v1.1 is on the 26th Feb so this patch isn't out yet right?
  12. nbates66

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    I had this happen Driving the Ford Escort MK II in the middle of a New Zealand stage, sound cutout and all I could hear now and then was a pop sound, Operating system sounds worked fine though. I managed to workaround the problem by re-plugging my headphones, which reset the auto-sensing jacks and the game picked up audio again, allowing me to continue my stage. If you don't have auto-sensing jacks or USB headphones then you could also go into device manager and disable then re-enable the device for your soundcard.