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  1. Those comparing to the Quest2 - which refresh rate and exact resolution are you running for comparison?
  2. Ah when I read you had to run at 50% that sounded like 50% resolution, best to just state your actual resulting resolution number instead of percentages because the percentage ends up based off of the headset used and thus can be a useless number.
  3. Dang I see there are still many people pulling hairs trying to get this to work, Unfortunately I don't own a HP G2 to compare but I do notice a few of these ASUS boards in the mix. If you didn't try it already disable the ASUS Motherboard lighting device as well (disabling it in the UEFI/BIOS does nothing btw), early on when DR2.0 VR was released I had to disable this one to clear some stuttering on my Dell Visor Mixed Reality headset, apparently codemasters had fixed the USB issue since but I never tested with it re-enabled. My setup: R5 3600 ASUS B450-I 16GB @ 3200 R
  4. So my desk is actually a rather sturdy corner desk so that wasn't really an issue, what really made a difference when I moved to the rig was that I was no longer using my rotating computer chair 🤣 So if a rig is out of reach (they're certainly expensive) do whatever you can to replace a computer chair with something else, something more solid. I've seen camping chairs suggested when could make sense if you get the right one.
  5. I play in VR, it ends up feeling more "real" because you are naturally trying to look where you want to go and can feel the rotation of the car when doing so, I don't know if that would work the same way if the game is just turning your view for the corners without you controlling it, I haven't played any circuit games with Look to apex on via monitor for comparison either.
  6. Hmm, that wouldn't mix up your sense of car rotation in a rally game?
  7. seemed to hold up enough for me to do dailies today, hopefully it keeps up.
  8. Sorry, but it never started working for me yet even though i didn't do any repeat posts, the time i was playing earlier today i was only doing historical because career and competitive isn't working, leaderboards in historical was barely intermittently working at best, Steam user in Australia. Latest error still:
  9. My game just decided to reset my championship My Team save due to some supposed data discrepancy during the latest intermittent server uptime, i hope you have a way to restore that. 😞
  10. This seems to be a good one, i set it to match my current SteamVR render resolution, so resolution width="1928" height="1928" (trying to match 1920x1080 resolution width for video capture)
  11. Compared to what exactly? I mean perhaps it'd be nice if the rain IRL didn't obscure things as badly as it does but Reality doesn't give a stuff about what would be nice, as far as Dirt Rally 2.0's rain goes the main windshield seems ok to me, from both VR and non-VR perspective though there is certainly room for improvement to the sophistication of it's implementation, besides that the visibility through the side windows *maybe?* seems always fixed to a high speed effect but I'd be more interested in them restoring the puddle-pull effects from DiRT4 before focusing on that if possible.(and of
  12. It's just every time i read that sort of thing (and the rain complaints) it reeks of the thinking pattern "oh if there was no external cameras I'd be better than these external camera noobs" But the truth is - It would make no difference.
  13. What is it with all you people who think you are the only one on the planet that drives in cockpit view?
  14. my MSI Armour 1070Ti gets to around 73C when playing and recording in VR on El Rodeo, I have overclocked it somewhat however to try to keep up with the demands of VR.
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