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  1. Wouldn't one want to see how the car behaves on a different tyre compound before making a judgement? (speaking as a mostly non-expert)
  2. So regarding this steelbook, is it still possible for me to get one via ordering online from Amazon UK? It half sounded like you had to go into a retail store to get one.
  3. perhaps, but what about those start and finish markers??? I actually managed to terminate a FWD GTI on them at the end of a Wales stage in Dirt 4 a few days ago, are those seeing adjustments in Dirt Rally 2.0?
  4. Well i'd like to take credit but that goes to somebody else, i'm finding it WAAAAY harder than it needs to be to find out who did it! Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/300615343859638090/ EDIT: Camo Wedding apparently hahaha
  5. EDIT whelp epic fail embed...   body too short
  6. Voicing an opinion is one thing, spreading things like "VRORNOBUY" or effectively encouraging a boycott unless you get what you want is going a bit further.
  7. Well, I don't do it anywhere near as often these days but things always go horribly wrong for me if I manage to stall the engine before a turn in Rally games. :)
  8. So it's for certain that the engine stalled itself and the stall wasn't caused by locking the wheels under braking?
  9. I've got a feeling that here in Australia it's used for something completely different - Used to come in chocolate block form:
  10. So is it the case that in some circumstances the varied track conditions could open up cuts in the corners, or perhaps even the opposite? ::smile:
  11. OH if only it was all of us PC players! :'( I somewhat doubt that platform was the main driver for their choice of testers. :)
  12. Whilst I would've  liked to make a lot more noise about VR support the simple truth is that my system can barely handle it in Dirt Rally and GPU's that can handle it consistently are still far in the high end, whilst the lower cost WMR headsets are a hardware option(arguably better in some ways for driving compared to Occulus and Vive) they have slightly higher resolutions leading to even more system strain, this couples furthermore with the disappointing recent GPU release at over $1000 which means that it's still costly to get into VR for many users, and may continue to be so.
  13. Nope, it had random rock placement.  100% I definitely hit a random rock on Wales after a jump but I think I've only noticed it twice. regarding the 2.0 hype, what if they meant 2.0 years until release...
  14. Presumably this still comes down to available processing time competing between graphics and physics processing still, it's simply far more practical to do cloud effects like this rather than do a massively complex per particle simulation for every speck of dust when processor time is at a premium.
  15. On the subject of graphics also, what about VR support? ::smile: I got Dirt Rally VR running quite nicely (considering) on an RX470 through a Dell Visor and it's a shame Dirt 4 didn't get the support, hope it appears in the next game!
  16. I can't pretend to have any idea about this but would that happen to be a Porsche with the engine behind the rear wheels instead of infront (every single 911) Never driven one but I imagine that would give them a different handling feel on gravel.
  17. I actually absolutely couldn't stand that game, I got it through some humble bundle in 2013 and put no more than 46 minutes into it, it did however make me seek out my CMR2004 disk and play through that again, as well as seek out Newer Dirt Titles and Steering wheel controllers. Strange thing that I hated it so much though, since i'm sure I put an absolute tonn of hours into Trackmania Nations back in the day...
  18. Presumably you eat into a massive chunk of these available resources as soon as you try to head toward implementing VR too, With Dirt4's dynamically generated tracks likely being even more difficult to optimize due to so many variables. Or is it actually solely the extra load generated by having to render the scene twice per frame that creates the performance gap?(in Dirt Rally VR)
  19. I personally really like Wales in Dirt 4 though, while some others do not.  Maybe has something to do with how well people are adapting to the cars behavior transitioning between the extreme downhill and uphill corners(it feels like the maximum decline and incline angles are much greater in Dirt 4).
  20. From any proper drift videos: hydraulic handbrakes and big power has become a substitute for proper technique. Quite a few drift Championships now forbid the use of handbrakes to initiate.  I imagine these Drift championships aren't done with AWD vehicles on inconsistent road surfaces.
  21. It's a joke reference to a certain Anime :D  I wouldn't a clue on which is actually faster in practice. I'm not sure if the blip of handbrake for some hairpins would be referred to as a "drift"...
  22. Isn't the answer such that if you know how to drive you don't need a handbrake to drift? :smile:
  23. Considering the Graphical processing power required for it to work well on Dirt Rally i'm not too surprised we aren't seeing it on Dirt 4, dynamically generated tracks are much harder to optimize for performance compared to static ones, I've already seen much larger performance variances compared to Dirt Rally so Dirt4 would probably windup with too many dynamically created tracks that are unplayable under VR, Probably runs into further limitations of the game engine too.
  24. I started with just driving like my real car (left foot clutch, right foot for accelerator and brake) and then slowly learning left foot brake, foot switching and heel-toe, can find various footages to demonstrate it on Youtube. wherever possible I try to match the setting to what fits the car, all group B cars, 60's, 70's, H1, H2, H3 are manual H pattern, Group A is H pattern except for the Lancer evo, also ford Cosworth is a 7 speed and I only have a 6 speed H shifter so sometimes I have to drive that on sequential mode. up to 2000cc and 2000's cars in Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 are all sequentia
  25. I agree. The game is horrible. The input lag is totally killing the handling.  The shortest review you ever need:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdhInvUmJjE What sort of video settings you using? being somewhat a console focused game I suspect that the engine of WRC 7 might be quite reliant on fixed 60FPS and vsync on for consistent results, the only thing I can think of that can explain such varied "responses" people are having to it. Not quite sold on getting WRC 7 yet, gotta wait for everyones initial "rose tinted" responses to wear off, just like with Dirt 4 :)
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