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  1. Yes, its just not right at all.makes this sim undriverble. Please tell me how to contact CM directly, then I promise I will get this matter fixed.... I do have form in getting big software companies to act/ even change thier minds on content inclusion. Was envolved with Microsoft flight sim. basically after 20 years and new releases every 2 years in the year 2000 they took the feature to fly using the mouse, effectively making it unusable by houndreds of thousand of people, both disabled, like me, and vurtually every mobile laptop user not wanting to buy a joystick to carry around with them. So I first wrote some software to put mouse flying back in, then got on the beta team, showed them the thouseds of emails support for enabling the feature, then, very proud, got them to reinstate it in all subsequent versions. Anyway, just told you so you know how focued I cn be. Sorry for late reply, had no knowlege you'd replied. Please if you know someone with this issue to get behind me on this. Thanks mate.
  2. Hi Since buying Dirt Rally 2 (dr2) I've not been able to play it because every 2ish second I get a micro stutter. I am a windows game programmer, so I understand about bug testing and narrowing the issue down to find where the problem is. I've done loads of testing, changing resolution, graphics setting testing and it seems its an issue with USB input controllers being connected to the system. Obviously not all, as some seem not to have this issue. Please can you look at this issue. Thankyou. Richard Lovett -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OS: Windows 10 Home| Mobo: ROG-MAXIMUS-X-HERO-ASUS-1301ATX | CPU: Intel i7 8700K @ 3.70 GHz | CPU Cooler: Water cooled| Memory: 16GB (2x8G) 3000MHz CL9 XMP| Graphics: GeForce GTX 790 4GB PCI-Express HDMI EX OC x 2 in SLI Mode (Forceware Version) 419.17 | Display: 19"x3 Acer AL1916W 1440x900 @ 60Hz + LG 65UF950V TV | Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy Fx | Joystick: Thrustmaster T.16000m GMX: Triplehead2go Digital Edition (Powerdesk Version)
  3. cooldude11

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Please allow advanced controller settings for all including joysticks
  4. Hi Loore Thanks for the reply. Yes, the advanced controller settings are what we need access to for all controllers.  I can't see why you would limit access to these for people with controllers not on your list, makes no sense at all... Glad you're looking at it.
  5. Hi Mate Thanks for your comment.  Just tried sending this(below) to cm via tech support but it will not send. any ideas where I can find an email address to forward this to.  Thanks again. ------------------------------------------------------- Yet again I find myself getting frustrated and a little angry if I'm honest.  Sorry if this sounds a little sharp, but this is the reality of your policy on controller support.  I'm disabled with no use in my hands I have to use an attack 3 joystick because I can operate this with my chin..  However, because it is not one of your 'officially' supported joysticks, I can't change the advanced controller settings such as dead zones and sensitivity. Why??  This makes no sense at all and yet again puts this title out of my reach.  You seem to be the only developer doing this and, if I was completely honest, it could be seen as discriminatory against minority groups, such as the disabled and alike, who find ways around physical limitations to participate in communities like yours by using equipment usable by them.  All I/we need is access to the advanced controller settings regardless of equipment used. Please correct this oversight and open this title up to everyone. Please also pass this on to the coders so they are aware of this issue. Thank you..
  6. I see again that you've got it wrong with autosports...  I'm disabled with no use in my hands so use an attack 3 joystick with my chin..  Why oh why can't i change advanced controller settings??????????????  Please get with the times otherwise someone may file a claim at you.....