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  1. Skid_Mark

    Savegame compatibility

    Thanks for answering. The Patch Levels i had not in mind, thanks for directing me to this point, which is very important. But generally it is possible, that's good news. (I forgot to say that my platform is PS3).
  2. Skid_Mark

    Savegame compatibility

    Are the Savegames of F1 2012, F1 2013 and F1 2014 compatible regarding Retail Version vs. Digital Version?
  3. Skid_Mark

    Digital Version vs. Disc Version

    Thanks for answering. I think i will buy the digital version then. It's comfortable not having to change Disc. And the Booklets have become thinner and thinner during the years. MarkMcCormick
  4. Is there a difference in Graphic Performance and Framerate between Digital Version and Disc Version on PS3 regarding the F1 Games 2012 and 2013? Especially for F1 2014 this topic is relevant for me. Perhaps someone knows something about this. Thanks.
  5. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    PS3, Germany. Patch Version 1.02 came in today. I left my second corrupt savegame where it was (in the savegame Folder) and after installing the patch Game started then before loading the red saving Lights appeared (Not the Information Warning of Autosave with the red Lights) and like a Wonder the Main Menue appeared and my Progress was completely restored. But i have to say that i only played offline the Career Mode with my second savegame. So THANK YOU i can only say hoping that it will last and never goes corrupt again.
  6. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I know, but he depends on the Information given to him. Let's hope that the informations have substantial value.
  7. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    OK, but i'm more singleplayer type and want to proceed in career mode. But that's not possible and i won't begin a new Profile a third time. I can wait, but if the time period is too long, i really get angry. If the Problem can't be fixed, CM has to admit this and take the game from the market and give full refund to the Customers. The internal legal Solutions between CM and Microsoft/Sony/Retailers etc. are not our Problem.
  8. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    So, today i got my second savegame corrupt after 173 career races. I never played multiplayer, racenet challenge, i only played Singleplayer Careermode, Touring Car Section. After a session i quit the game from main menue and as you can't see in PS3 XMB Screen, if the savegame is ok or not, i always started the game again only to see if the savegame is ok and didn't do anything and quit the game again in order to not initiate an autosave. After that i backuped the file either in the online cloud or on an USB Stick. Today after playing i did the same procedure but when starting the game the game told me that the savedata is corrupt. I deleted the savedata and copied my newest Backup on the Harddisc and the game started without a Problem - but i know, now i can't proceed anymore since after 3 or 4 races the file gets corrupt again. I never quit the game while autosave, always from main menue, i know what i'm doing. So this example shows that the game produces corrupt savedata only playing offline the career mode. No online Features are necessary. There must be a General big Bug and i really wonder, why this couln't be revealed before release. I'm really disappointed and I'm thinking of getting a refund from Sony (i have the download-Version). I would say if the bug isn't fixed until October i won't buy F1 2014. And I'm not sure if a patch really can fix this, as it is too complex. CM should take all retail Versions and put them into the garbage, the download-Versions should be deleted and a completely "new" G:AS should be released without any bugs. The costs of all that have to be payed by CM. They have produced this product that is not ready for use. 
  9. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    I think in August nothing will happen. Perhaps in September, if we have "luck".
  10. Skid_Mark

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Call Sony PSN Support 5 Times and you get   5 different answers. Sad but True. Only People on a higher Level in the hierarchy of Sony have Information about These Things. But we customers will have difficulties to contact them. So we have to wait till the Patch comes. It's better it Takes a while and the Patch is tested than delivered fast but with New Bugs.
  11. Skid_Mark

    So I've just got my save corrupted ..

    Today my Savedata went corrupt on PS3. 90% i played career mode. Touring was almost finished, only some XPs were left to reach level 12. I had a Backup three days old, it worked but only for some hours. The crucial Thing is that you don't see in XMB that the file is corrupt. You can copy it to USB Stick for Backup but what is a corrupt savegame worth? Only the Game reveals that it is corrupt when you Start playing. It's really a sad situation. Hope a Patch will help that the Saves will run again. But i ask myself, why we Players are the testers of New Games?
  12. On PS3 the Season Pass is Not installed as other DLCs. It does Not occur in the Download List. It is registered under Account/Transactions/Services. I don't know if you can delete it. I won't do because then i have to buy it again i fear. And on PS3 i think it wasn't the reason for Racenet Not working.
  13. Today Racenet worked with my Digital PS3 Version of Autosport, Season Pass also is installed (so to say registered in "Services"). Let's look if it is lasting even tomorrow.
  14. Skid_Mark

    My fault?

    There are too many Players who can't lose or accept that others are faster. Too many Crash Kids too. It's a matter of discipline, honour and skill. These attributes don't count anymore. If a Crash happens (can happen), an excuse is the correct behaviour.
  15. From the beginning i have this problem. The Game didn't answer me for Email and Password for Racenet. Grid 2 did and my PSN ID and Racenetaccount are linked. Support told me i should Open a Port but it did not help. I really do Not know a solution. I have the Download Version. When i click on Racenet i get the answer SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE. TRY AGAIN LATER.