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  1. Hello Codemasters and F1 players, I realy hope we will get this feature this year! Its completly unbeleavable that only the xbox one version of previous f1 games are missing this basic feature. On PC I was able to use this feature with xbox one Controller and xbox one headset plug n play. If yes, Can you at least explain why this feature is missing?
  2. Scott1904

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    Thank you. that's also my opinion. I refuse to believe it's that hard. pc and ps4 have no synonymous spokes wizard like cortana and just use the input signal of the micros. Any xbox game can actually do that even if it offers ingame voice chat, as well as f1.
  3. Scott1904

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    Yes already known, but Why. We need an official answer why this will not be changed. I dont believe that there is no solution for Codemasters.
  4. Scott1904

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    No answer????
  5. Scott1904

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Yes, this is working. But kinect is not realy supported anymore and nobody want kinect. how this can be so difficult to enable the feature without kinect for us. I dont understand it! no officially answer from codemasters so far. I opened also a threat for F1 2019.
  6. Scott1904

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Unfortunately not on xbox one version! Ps4 and PC y already yes.
  7. So far, I have played F1 on PC in the past. Now I was very happy that F1 2018 comes into the Xbox game pass. Have now tried F1 2018 on Xbox One X and I'm generally enthusiastic about the playability and graphics. But I'm so disappointment about missing voice commands on xbox one. How can be this? This was one of the best features since years for me. Why we can only use this with Kinect? Please Codemasters, change this!
  8. Scott1904

    real voice commands to engineer?

    Yes but after some research its not included on Xbox on!