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  1. Good luck!! Loore.  Thanks a lot for your support and patience during these years. Sure we´ll see you soon in the next race!!! Keep on racing!! Salute. ;)
  2. You can hear and download from Youtube, it sounds good but it should be splitted in tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMgaHRddQUw#t=1373 <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lMgaHRddQUw?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> It was discussed in this thread from july: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2424/grid-autosport-the-soundtrack-will-it-be-available-to-download Salute.
  3. I wrote yesterday an idea for the Yas marina cicuit and Abu Dabi...but maybe is too soon after this other F1 GP. Here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3979/racenet-repeats-again#latest Salute.
  4. I supossed it, that the F1 GP was the reason when i saw a moment ago the places for the RN this week: all in Austin Americas circuit. And there´s no Street track in Austin...in that case it sholud be perfect!! XD I like the experiment, is not one of my favourite tracks, lacks of visibility is a good handicap, and a theme over only a track with very differentes cars and ways...as an experiment i like the idea. A year ago or so it happens randomly something similar, not all the challenges but 6 of 9 i think in Grid 2 and Yas Marina. @Loore  if this likes players, and following the F1 cal
  5. GREAT, i have all versions since the beginning, is the only games saga that i have all. The olders in Megadrive versions that sometimes i played some weekends and MM TurboTournament and Klax are the 2 cartigrades wich are SACRED in my little collection and memories. Congrats and get lucky with this new one, altought the name and rights for it couldn´t be done, i assume that is a money license use and so on. Looking at the market today....is more that just a good news, for me is  a GREAT NEWS. MM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure buyer here. Thanks, Really.
  6. In PS3, since the game menu, i can see 9; it counts the  Black EditionPack , the Turbo Pack, and the Garage Special. Plus coupé, british, Road and rack, Tourism Legends, Sprint Pack, Drag Pack.  Drag it was the last one. Maybe the turbo and garage are not considered DLC´s but in fact they are DLC. Salute.
  7. And what about the upgrades?? are they working with the tunning options together?? i have not too much time to try it, yestarday i didn´t noticed anything special in Yas Marina and the Skyline....still i think that does only a little bit, little and subtle better performance or is placebo and doesn´t work in Racenet Challenges?? Salute.
  8. Same here. As the OP in this thread i must answer honestly. Good choices!!  @Loore  Great photo...XD But the tuner challenge is the same car and track that 3 weeks ago.....XD, nah...seriuosly, great cars and tracks. I keeped the car just in case and...bingo!! i have all the tunning and upgrades in it. Salute!!
  9. In combination with tunnig options?? i´m exiceted to give it a try, and i hope that works too in Weekly Challenges. Salute.
  10. Yes!! yesterday i was unfaithful with Grid AS; i was trying DriveClub :p; so i didn´t noticed about it. Thanks. Salute.
  11. http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/10/grid-autosport-drag-racing/ Cool!! i´m not a big fan in that but a great challenge to learn a new style for me and i think that is very well suited by CM in GAS, i hope. @Loore  For PS3 it will come with the update patch for consoles wich fixed other issues??  i read that is the same patch that enable Drag Mode and fix the issues listed like tunning and upgrades working, damages and repair cost etc... Salute!!
  12. This weeks repeats the Touring Challenge that was there two weeks ago, another time the Mini Classic and exactly the same track. Drift repeats but with C1, i´m a big fan on Drift but to be honest people maybe think that exist more categories and tracks, for example NSX Cup. Anyway, only for info because CM doesn´t change never once is launched, even if is only for change a wrong time atack medal time.... Not bad at all, i think that this is like food menus, sooner or later something is going to be repeated, but in this case the "chef" has a very limited memory or needs a drawing in the door´
  13. I know one infamous cheater but....hey!! look at my signature.
  14. Now it doesn´t work for me, one hour ago it was working....some issues should be happening today, hope that will fix soon. EDITED: Restarting the PS3 and works again, or quit the conncetion i guess. Maybe a DNS or that kind of stuff.
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