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  1. http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/10/grid-autosport-drag-racing/ Cool!! i´m not a big fan in that but a great challenge to learn a new style for me and i think that is very well suited by CM in GAS, i hope. @Loore  For PS3 it will come with the update patch for consoles wich fixed other issues??  i read that is the same patch that enable Drag Mode and fix the issues listed like tunning and upgrades working, damages and repair cost etc... Salute!!
  2. @Loore‌ I think that this is an issue that some people reported other times, but since a Drift online race, trying to make doubles, go figure, i have the yellow dot and by the way i don´t crash or do ANYTHING than nothing. But trying to enter to an online custom cup the system reject me, in some cases, for that yellow unfair dot. What happens?? will i have this all the year or so?  XD. come on!! fix that please CM. Salute.
  3. Well, as the "official complainer" about Weekly RaceNet Challenges...here i go: >:) TOURING>>>>>>>>>>> Repeats same track and cars than other that was in 3th or 4 th week, is reasonable repeat car category or track but join together again? Another time that "lightspeed UTES tourisms touring class" flies over Austin. XD ENDURANCE>>>>>>>Repeats car category from two weeks ago and almost track, again Okutama but this time the complete track, almost hit the nail on the head. OPEN WHEEL>>>>>>> Well!!! no complain!!! TUNING>>>>>>>>>>Again the same car, Nissan skyline Cup, from two weeks ago (I keeped the car just in case, have a feelin..xd), and Yas Marina resurrect: Cool!! no complain. STREET>>>>>>>>>>Again Supercar, two weeks ago was the same. And the track is Ok but barely pass to be the same as last week. PARTY MODE (EIBACH CHALLENGE): PERFECT!!  CM says last week that it would be Muscle and yes, it is Muscle. Congrats on this. XD Considering that there are 8 or 9 car per category and a generous amount of tracks, divided in club, speed, reversed, etc....i don´t know if is the same that CM choose it "by hand" or set it randomly, It doesn’t matter. sometimes the change could be nigth or day, praise if someone broke the car lights, especialy in Okutama..XD Also there´s a curious thing about: ALL are Time Attack, non of them are a RACE. NO RACE this week. Advantages: It doesn´t needed to figure out how and where figth-crash-overtake the mad AI. Sometimes is fun..ok, ok...especially now that damage is active. 100 tries and see what happens :p Disadvantages: It should be need wait one lap to gain, as much, 2 clean laps without traffic and study the AI for this purposse. Probability rules are going beyond my predictions...maybe some car category will not appear in...say a year and a half???. It is so easy take a diagram and make all the RaceNet Challenges for two years.... I can complain more, sure!!...but take this with good mood and a little bit of sarcasm, no other intenttion than CM should put more attention in RN Challenges. :p Salute.
  4. Well, that´s the question...yesterday i was in LVL 143 and rise till LVL 148 after running the Global Challenges, then and a couple of hours online playing i watch at the LVL and see that still was in 148 and today after 2 hours or so trying challenges and some online races the level doesn´t advance.  :| (I know that as much higer is the level much time it takes to rise but...) the white bar below the number of the level is on the top but never rise to 149...and i want a new garage slot!!! :p Anyone has experience this??  . Thanks in advice. Salute.
  5. It´s me or the Alfa is a flying machine??, it seems to be not compensate with the other cars, or is in another league?? I only tried the four cars in the new tracks (Silverstone, etc..and also some other  but mainly the news) and the result is that the Alfa runs like hell!! I won a couple of races, more than i can think and more than i suposse even with semi-broken steer....is a pleasure to drive, not only for the speed and easy drive for me, just because is a machine!! XD. I´m gonna try it in point to point locations like California Highway.....i´m amazed with it. Opinions?? Salute. P.d. i bought one and reaches lo LVL 20 but i didn´t touch anything but the dowforce because of the high speed tracks. Stock settings makes, for the moment, an almost instant winner.
  6. That is, everytime i race online, custom cups and even in one of the first RaceNet Challenge, the sound of the engine is lost, or almost lost, dependieng on the camera, but is 100% of the times and in custom cups every people complaint about that because engine sound in drift is crucial; each time this track appears in a 5 custom cup almost all the racers-users make horrendous drive and ridiculous points; it doesn´t happens with other car model in C2 Drift. Is exclusive, at least from the begginig, with the Nissan Silvia. Please fix this. Yes, many of drift aficionados colud drive with the eyes closed but hear nothing is just like going blind too...XD Thanks in advise. Edited: the issue happens too with other cars, now it happens too with the Chevrolet Tyler Mcquarrie in C1 Drift category, always in Hockenheim. :\ Salute!
  7. Just curiosity but tonigtht i did exactly the same time than another user. I did it AFTER him/her and i was qualified above. Wich decides? the moment? the times of tries? nothing special?... Here is a pic: http://oi58.tinypic.com/33yl1fb.jpg Salute.
  8. As @Loore said two or three weeks ago the RaceNet challenge will be no more randomly generated, instead they´ll choose the events avoiding repeats or similar. But this week there is two challenges in the same track, Algarve,  even no one is reversed, the Touring is the same again with Cat C than 3 weeks ago. Nissan Skyline in Tuner repats again but this time the difference is at nigth....nut, anyway...i can´t believe that this challenge was selected from a common sense looking at the number of tracks/categories, and looking at what were in the past weeks; in Tuner for example no NSX Cup, 8-9 categories and repeats again track and cars???  and choose the same track in only 6 challenges?? i can´t believe, seriously. Is almost impossible so much coincidences. Added: and Open Wheel repeats the same category than last week: Lightweight ?¿?¿ again?? And why not add more than 6 challenges??? in Grid 2 there was 9, why not 10 here?? 2 per categorie?? and kick out the party mode wich seems to be there to refill the weekly challenges??.  Many people enjoy the game with the challenges and are a great time dedicate of the game weekly. Even i still do someone in Grid 2 after one and a half year. I would like to read ideas and oppinions; thanks a lot. Salute.
  9. I read a lot about this but i couldn´t find a resolute answer. Tunnig works; that´s a thing i experienced, but upgrades....i dunno and doubt more than placebo effect. I´ve tried in custom cup disabling/enabling and feeled the difference but i noticed that in RaceNet Challenges it seems doesn´t work, it´s me or it really working?? Salute.
  10. Beacause this situation is becaming dramatic i think that CM should give some advices and tips to avoid Data Save Game Corrupt at least for console players, wich now are "second category" players because the absence of a basic patch that allows to play at least with "conditions" but at least play....,i know that is not serious or formal but with this situation....who cares? At least PC players have a solution and a buch of new features today, but still console palyers are in the "pool of dammned" forced to play conditioned by a basic failure. Please refrain comments about MS or Sony patches responsabilty, these companies have nothing to do with third party games companies and failures, even if they take a "time" to publish a patch. The game, and all related to it, is from the company wich makes the game. Salute.
  11. Las time was 10 DAYS without it, fixed one monday, no change to attack the medals or fun in the Challenges....tired. Anything else?? Maybe ALL the online too??, a new fashion way that corrupts the game, or better, the console or PC?? what more dissaters can be provided by this game??, just in the weekend...ooohhhh.....and Club races?? oh wait!! they are linked to RaceNet....ooohh....... But wait, wait!!....for what are linked to RaceNet if RaceNet can´t save the progress of a player???  ooooh.........sadly CM is unable to separate data from local and online; oh waut!, i got it!! play a while in career mode!!, no??  oooohhhh..........Data Corrupted Saved because i tried to connect and the value of the cars in my garage corrupt the file....soooo....let´s play, anyway, we can see the cars, paint it, listen to the music, come on!! is a great game even in the menus!! Salute, and patience??? Happy race!!
  12. Well, i know that Drift fans are less than other times but because of the new physics in the game the Drift is very good, enjoyable and "real" than in past Grid games, even in Grid 1 for my taste.There are very little tracks and possibilities to have a challenge is "one per year??", if is randomly maybe not but this week a challenge has been repeated, the Tuner challenge is the same!! XD. With this numbers (8-9 categories) is possible to see a Drift challenge....in 8 or 9 months or even more!!....such a pity. ( i assume that the estructure of the game is what it is and is a category inside a group but Drift is "special" and in Grid 2 we have 9 challenges per week, in AS we have 6, so i think it would be fine to have 2 or 3 more. Not only Drift, anyother category inside a group could not be seen in many months and other has started to repeat or almost...Okutama in party mode again??, time attack in Touring again?? In only one and a half month i think there´s no reason to repeat or see similar challenges. I think that this could be done better, less randomly and combining cars, tracks and categories with a sense along time; well is my idea, sometimes Challenge fit my tastes and others not but repeat challenges or almost similar is a thing that anybody likes, i guess. Maybe a vote system or suggested sticked thread for every week??. Challenge was the reason i played Grid 2 for a year, and even now i played one or two that i like, is one of the best things at RaceNet and now with much more possibilities such as race with own cars, upgrade cars, bet times, leaderboards.. (if patch come soon...) etc... Salute and keep on racing!!
  13. After tried 8 TIMES!! evereytime i buy a BMW 320 cat. C the save game becames corrupted. Modified or not, that´s all. PS3. Cumulative saves, just in case. o_o No os da vergüenza ser una compañía de videojuegos y tener carencias propias de hace 20 años??. Desde luego ya os vale majetes. No me pidais más información, no pienso enviar los archivos; todavía estoy esperando vuestras respuestas desde el año 2012 sobre los MISMOS fallos inconcebibles en Dirt Showdown y Grid 2. Ahora poned excusas o llamad a los Codies complacientes perdonavidas para "quitar hierro" al asunto; vuestro trabajo es una P-U-T-A M-I-E-R-D-A, a ver si en español lo entedeis mejor y os dejais de tonterías. Y tú, Loore, deja de hacer el mamarracho respondiendo recaditos y no contarnos tu vida laboral como el año pasado; que teneis más cara que espalda. Lo mismo también os tengo que explicar esa maniobra "por error" de poner un contenido de pago incluido en el pase de temporada que NADIE que lo haya pagado, el contenido del Boost Pack, va a recuperar su dinero, al menos en PSN, o me vais ha hacer tragarme mis palabras?? adelante, soy todo oidos....y vista, jojo!! Y las partidas corrompidas serán recuperables en consola?? me apuesto lo que querais a que no, pero vamos, lo que querais. Más cara que el cemento, eso es lo que tenies; envidiosos sajones piratas.... Saludos.
  14. As in Grid 2, i´m a fan about drift, i like a lot more in AS than in Grid 2. I see that the Tuning category has it included but i miss something "different" like Drift, or separate and make a new challenges for drift only, in fact there´s only 6 challenges vs. the 9 challenges in Grid 2. If is going to be as Tuning category is organized we will see only a Drift Challenge per moth or each three weeks...and i would like every week!! XD Well, only a suggestion and likes. Salute!! :)
  15. After 8 days waiting solutions, responses ...trying to help people here, making positive comments, funny moments, my patience gone. I´m one of those who likes the game, and a  lot!!, at least the part i can play. For the people who fortunately can play all the game normally, wich are not a so big majority of the users, maybe this kind of posts may result boring or annoynig, but i understand how frustration increases when someone lost all the progress in a game, Single player and Online. I thought more than twice the tittle of this post. I´m beta tested many games and never seen a case like this after released, and i can say i´ve seen "great nonsenses". After last year problems and mistakes, i believed that a serious company do their work, but sadly is not. Is a case or trial and error but with the money and confidence of the customers. During this week the "phantom" of corrupted save game has became real and massive, with a promissed solution soon, i hope this time was done, not like Grid 2 wich never had a solution this; i cann´t figure out how a corrupted game save of a PS3 game is going to be fixed, anyway, let´s wait. I have many friends playing racing games and 5 of them has the corrupted save game file and the desperate to repeat and repeat again the game like Grid 2, lose the online progress, can´t up level, modified cars for races etc.., in the other hand i have more than 10 who can´t play in RaceNet for the reasons CONSTANTLY REPEATED around the forum this week.  ----The RaceNet connect issue has been FIXED, COOL!!---- "minor" issues that Black Edition codes, versions, etc...can be assumed but this is worse than ever, worse than the Grid 2 dissaster, worse that the RaceNet weeks when was unavailable, i can´t believe that the same problems are hapeening again in a massive amount, that CM doesn´t save in their servers at least the online progress in the game and not mixed with local game save file, i can´t believe than in a week CM are unable to reset the servers and RaceNet account to restart the service or see what is happening, that i spent a lot of hours trying to figure out what is happenig, trying different accounts, installs, user, etc...trying to help and not only no response, even it seems to be some isolated thing to be fixed when....WHEN?. 60 Eur of less that a half of the game, in some cases the same game start over and over, a customer service that had tickets fro me since 2012, 2013....hard discussions with Loore and other staff people in the past  but....for what?? for nothing. I can tell some of my friend that buy the game only because we love racing games, it shouldn´t be honest, i have to say them to wait, because those that have, a great number, can´t racing the Challenges, manage our clubs etc...; I was playing a drift challenge in thursday in Grid 2!! go figure if a year of gameplay is not ehough to say that some games rathers a lot!! still i play RaceNet events in Grid 2, but sadly not in Autosport ad loosing the thrill. But this time everything is overpower, is an step above the tolerable!!!, come on Codemasters, come on!!. What are you waiting for? Salute and sorry for my poor english.
  16. Sorry to repeat discussions but after ten days that many of us can´t play all the RaceNet part of the game, wich is a huge and cool part, has been fixed, works, all the stats are recovery from offline and now we can PLAY THE CHALLENGES!!! and many other things. I´m happy!! CONGRATS TO CODEMASTERS AND THANKS!!, now  i´m saving the game to an ext device a lot of times and pray that it not became corrupted... (the other big issue to be fixed) :)>- \:D/ See you at the RACES!!!
  17. Hello: Since friday i can´t connect the PS3 to the RaceNet Challeges, weekly challenges i mean, and club. I can go into the online standard menu, choose race and play with other racers but not the above mentioned. Is anybody experience this issue?? i played in thursday 2 or 3 of the challenges but now it says that is "not available, try later". I can connect to the RaceNet web, see my profile, my club etc... but sadly i can´t play the challenges, and i love them!! XD. 3 days and today again not working..., is my fault with something i miss?? Salute. P.s. i have no problem with the challenges at Grid 2 and F1 2013.
  18. andaya

    Goodbye :)

    Good luck!! Loore.  Thanks a lot for your support and patience during these years. Sure we´ll see you soon in the next race!!! Keep on racing!! Salute. ;)
  19. You can hear and download from Youtube, it sounds good but it should be splitted in tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMgaHRddQUw#t=1373 <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lMgaHRddQUw?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> It was discussed in this thread from july: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2424/grid-autosport-the-soundtrack-will-it-be-available-to-download Salute.
  20. andaya

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    I wrote yesterday an idea for the Yas marina cicuit and Abu Dabi...but maybe is too soon after this other F1 GP. Here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3979/racenet-repeats-again#latest Salute.
  21. andaya

    Racenet repeats AGAIN!!!

    I supossed it, that the F1 GP was the reason when i saw a moment ago the places for the RN this week: all in Austin Americas circuit. And there´s no Street track in Austin...in that case it sholud be perfect!! XD I like the experiment, is not one of my favourite tracks, lacks of visibility is a good handicap, and a theme over only a track with very differentes cars and ways...as an experiment i like the idea. A year ago or so it happens randomly something similar, not all the challenges but 6 of 9 i think in Grid 2 and Yas Marina. @Loore  if this likes players, and following the F1 calendar, it could be possible to do when Abu Dabi (Yas Marina circuit) end the season, same situation BUT double points, money, etc...just like the GP will be this year; a very interesting race if Nico and Lewis arrives there almost tied, and it semms that it will be more or less equal. Come on!! do the same in Yas Marina, i love the track XD, and double everything. Salute.
  22. andaya

    Announcing Toybox Turbos!

    GREAT, i have all versions since the beginning, is the only games saga that i have all. The olders in Megadrive versions that sometimes i played some weekends and MM TurboTournament and Klax are the 2 cartigrades wich are SACRED in my little collection and memories. Congrats and get lucky with this new one, altought the name and rights for it couldn´t be done, i assume that is a money license use and so on. Looking at the market today....is more that just a good news, for me is  a GREAT NEWS. MM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure buyer here. Thanks, Really.
  23. andaya

    NeW DLC ??????

    In PS3, since the game menu, i can see 9; it counts the  Black EditionPack , the Turbo Pack, and the Garage Special. Plus coupé, british, Road and rack, Tourism Legends, Sprint Pack, Drag Pack.  Drag it was the last one. Maybe the turbo and garage are not considered DLC´s but in fact they are DLC. Salute.
  24. And what about the upgrades?? are they working with the tunning options together?? i have not too much time to try it, yestarday i didn´t noticed anything special in Yas Marina and the Skyline....still i think that does only a little bit, little and subtle better performance or is placebo and doesn´t work in Racenet Challenges?? Salute.
  25. Same here. As the OP in this thread i must answer honestly. Good choices!!  @Loore  Great photo...XD But the tuner challenge is the same car and track that 3 weeks ago.....XD, nah...seriuosly, great cars and tracks. I keeped the car just in case and...bingo!! i have all the tunning and upgrades in it. Salute!!