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  1. You mean in dashboard view, right? But there's a perfectly working camera mod* for DR that unlocks FOV in dashboard view...? Anyway, if changing FOV in dashboard view is not possible to support officially, maybe at least allow us to enable the HUD dials in cockpit view? At least a gear indicator, if not rpm dial? I understand the immersion factors of the cockpit view and I'm all for it, but it really can be quite difficult to set a proper seating position in cockpit view and still see the car's actual dashboard comfortably on some low FOV setups with some of the cars. And driving without any g
  2. @KickUp Speaking of FOV, it would be great if this time around, the FOV settings would apply to dashboard view as well, not just to cockpit view, or alternatively if we could enable the dials in cockpit view. I have to run with a very low FOV to get somewhat close to correct and on quite a few cars, it can be a pain to be able to set it up so you can actually see the dashboard. Basically I either have to move the seat quite far to the back to the point where it no longer feels natural (it feels like I'm sitting in the back of the car and my hands are unnaturally long), or I have to use the da
  3. Would love to see this as well. It'd be great to know what settings are considered "official". Like you say, doesn't have to be in the game itself, but maybe in a Road Book, readme or something like that.
  4. I understand that and makes perfect sense.    Im just curious if they HAD to license it for DR, like i said i may have read wrong what Paul mentioned.   We made bespoke tracks in DiRT Rally because at the time the license was available and we thought we would have a better chance of getting it if we did it. As we went through development we didn't secure the license and we ended up having a bunch of stages that were used in the championship. The roads themselves are not licensed, however since DiRT Rally we have been advised (legally) to avoid representing these roads and
  5. Probably not, mainly because we're not racing in those time periods, merely with cars *from* then, which have since all been retro fitted with hydraulic systems. Yeah but having working handbrake in an 4WD/AWD car requires active center diff, doesn't it?
  6. @KickUp Doing yesterday's daylies, I was reminded of something - how about the handbrake being disabled on cars that effectively didn't have one, like the Group B cars? Any chance of that happening? Would be fun for the authenticity AND challenge sake :)
  7. Not to get totally off topic here, but - this is certainly not a general definition of a "realistic FOV". It might be true on your setup, but on many others this won't be true at all. For example on my setup, if I set the FOV correctly, I don't even see the driver side pillar on my screen on some cars (or just part of it at best), let alone the one on the co-driver side. Setting the FOV the way you described would just get me an incredibly unrealistic wide angle view I wouldn't even be able to drive properly with.
  8. They're cars with very limited success in world rallying, whose name bear a remarkable resemblance to Sweden's word for "behold". Fun fact: the word "škoda" literally means "damage" in Czech ;) It can also mean "too bad", as in "oh well, too bad that didn't work". And yes, given the reliability of the cars, especially in the past, it's been a constant source of amusement and jokes amongst the Czech. (The company is actually named after Emil Škoda, the owner of the large industrial company that bought the original Laurin & Klement car company in 1924, though, so just a coincidence.)
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