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  1. kiwilaurel

    Tinkering with the handling...

    Heres a video of the modified 240sx... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqJcEpf3gRc&feature=youtu.be And also a quick race with the modified Formula 3 car... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XQpkDzpiDA&feature=youtu.be The only real change to the F3 car is a bit of toe in on the rear, and it becomes much more planted imo
  2. Hey everyone,  Being having a play around with the handling on some of the cars in GAS (PC version), specifically the 240sx C1 Drift car, trying to get it to feel 'right' My major concern was that none of the drift cars really liked to transition, and tended to be stuck in a drift until they did a big slow transition. So I have been attempting to try and solve this issue, aswell as give the car a bit more feel and realism to it. Drifting is pretty much my life lol, I make a living building drift cars and spend all my money driving my own one, so its always annoyed me that games can never seem to get drifting right. I was extremely happy with how GAS was from the get go, and when I found out how easily the game files could be modded I decided to try and make it even better :) Anyway I have got the 240 to a point where I am enjoying it much more, I have increased its grip level, by quite a bit in the rear, and removed the auto steering assists, and tinkered a bit with the pad steering assist (I play using a xbox controller) and a little with the drift assist, and  touch of toe in on the rear for stability. The result is a much more responsive car in my opinion, although it can be quite twitchy at lower speeds. I'm still not entirely satisfied with it, with a fair bit more tinkering to go, but I thought I would share what I have done so far and as for some feedback and peoples thoughts. Just add this file to your ....\cars\models\240  folder in your game folder. Remember to back up the original 240.ctf file (just add a 1 into the name) first. I'll try get a video up for those who can't try it out for themselves to compare the differences. http://www.filedropper.com/240
  3. kiwilaurel

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I've found the AI pretty good (playing on very hard). They are a bit chaotic at the start of the race, but once they find their rhythm they are good competition, I have been nudged off a couple of times by them trying to make an ambitious dive, but that does happen in real racing too lol. If you follow normal racing rules they are pretty damn good, if you know they are trying to overtake, then block the inside line, if you don't chances are they are going to go for the overtake, and if you don't give them space, you are going to get hit. My only issue with them is they are very slide happy lol.
  4. kiwilaurel

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Loving it, so much better then the old grids, start to head back towards the Toca days which is awesome! Having put around 30 hours into it already I have started noticing a few things. The major one that got me is it feels like every single car in the game has toe out in the rear, ie: the minute you lose traction the car becomes very 'loose' in the back, this was especially noticeable in the drifting. Thankfully I got the PC version, so I went digging and with a little help from google found out that there have been guys using a nifty little program to change there car setups in the F1 and Dirt series games. It appears GAS uses the exact same engine (even found a whole heap of dirt related stuff when I was digging) and therefore is relatively easy to change the car settings :) So far I have found just a touch of toe in on the rear (0.05) makes all the cars I have tried so far much more enjoyable to drive, especially the drift cars which are much more controllable now. Big props to the games engine, there is so much more in there that nobody ever sees, and I hope for the next iteration you open it all up for everyone. The game as it is is awesome, but if you give everybody options, it could be so much better aswell!  The only other thing that really bugged me is the AI drivers are very loose, but I'm hoping these small changes to the cars I am doing will fix that too :)