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  1. Hello again, i'm a personal friend of  Headquake, he asked me if i could pass this on to you.  :) "Glad to be doing so well in the 70's season, its mostly because 70's is my favourite class and i have way more practice with it than other classes. I like the idea of Skyrex randomly picking classes for the seasons till they're all done, though if you want my pick, i'd go GroupA. I think my times would be more even with others. Surprised CrazyNevada picked the 70's class for the last one but never competed. Still not sure why i got banned from the forum, I think it may be IP address
  2. I'm a RL friend of Headquakes. He has no idea why he's been banned from the forum, he tried to login this morning and found out he got banned for some unknown reason. He also has no idea who to ask or what to do to get unbanned. Anyway just letting you guys in his league know somethings wrong somewhere. Sludge
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