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  1. Tying the career mode to needing an online connection was always going prove to be a poor idea, as expected. It barely worked on launch and have had issues from time to time and now with the game being free for PS+ users, my choice of not purchasing the game and supporting asinine design decision remains justified. RaceNet has always had a terrible track record. I’ll check-in and see if anything has changed for future DiRT titles. Till then...👋
  2. I tend to look past the current issues. You see, I almost exclusively play career mode in these games and I like to replay them many years later without hassles. Relying on CMs servers or my ISP regardless of how good my connection is for my gaming experience is a big no. Always been, always will be. DR2 has an expiry date. The game is simply paper weight to me. The steelbook would've made a fantastic coaster though.
  3. Transparent as possible? The audacity Not a single mention of it prior to the game's release. I think the importance of the leaderboards are simply over estimated. I don't really remember anyone giving it much thought besides for the trophies in DR1. Building the Community Events into My Team was also merely a choice, not a necessity. I'm not going to endlessly reiterate myself like some, but I'm glad I held off my purchase and reassuring that I won't even consider buying DR2 now. This is coming from someone who owns every CMR and DiRT game, including two copies of DR1 for each console
  4. Yeah, that's where I first heard and read about it too. If true, it has to be the dumbest decision by CM in a good while and I'm lucky to have dodged another paperweight...umm, I mean bullet.
  5. I'm planning on buying the Deluxe Edition but I thought that the Group B rallycross cars were part of the vanilla game and not the seasonal content. Frankly, that's really lame considering they were in D4 from the get go (with the exception for the Audi). I was expecting the DLC (the additional cars) to be better than this. I'm also very eager to see some actual OG PS4 footage. Looking at the particle effects in the trailers, it screams screen-tear galore to me.
  6. Jes_s christ. Almost 100 posts since I last visited this thread this morning and it’s nothing but bitching about VR support. I got excited for nothing. Oh well. Excuse me while I keep daydreaming about ripping Poland and Spain a new one with the Porsche 911 RGT rally car.
  7. Seems that way. Shame as, despite it's flaws, I thought it had immense potential.  Just read the blog post Christina wrote and it it is no more. Great potential but it was squandered. I ended up hating YourStage and was the main reason why D4 never even remotely got close to the amount of play time as I put in DR. ''DiRT Rally 2.0 will take you to six rally locations around the world where you can take on incredible hand crafted stages in a wide variety of cars from the history of the sport and modern day. The official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Mo
  8. YourStage no more? Body is 22 tiles too short.
  9. I really envy you all. Picking up the game tomorrow but won't be able to play it until Sunday at the earliest. I've been on a media blackout for the most part of the last couple of weeks as well. Although following @xtinamcgrath and @KickUp on twitter has made it quite challenging at times ;) Can't wait to get my sht sorted at my new place and go in fresh!
  10. Guys, I need somebody to console me. Looks like I'll be moving into my new apartment 9th June, and during the weekend. Couldn't have timed it better. Oh well.
  11. We are locking to 30fps in replays. I very much welcome that. The replays in DR (rallycross) would occasionally drop below the 60fps target and look pretty jarring.
  12. I.e; We are incompetent and expect you to spend hours in the options menu adjusting your preferred controller settings.
  13. Wait, what? Yes exactly. The whole article is a big WAT. I find it fascinating the managed to talk about Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto in a piece on Project Cars 2.  I found the original article ; http://www.gamereactor.eu/previews/528273/Project+Cars+2+-+Rallycross+Impressions/ Still a weird read though.
  14. If CM ever pursue exclusivity of a car or location, that would be pretty damn disappointing frankly.
  15. I assume pad users will once again get the short stick too. I bought PC1:LE day one on the PS4 and seriously struggled with the controller settings. It was managable for most of the time once getting it dialed in but I still ended spending way too much time in the menus. Played at tops an hour of it on the XB1. Thank God that it was free. Absolute trash.
  16. I'm fairly sure that's not the case. Hell was shown in the ''leaked'' trailer.
  17. We don't have a relationship with any of the manufacturers but we are working on that for the future.  While you're at it, get cozy with the Scandinavian manufacturers as well.  :wink:
  18. It's great to see some proper footage of the DirtFish compound. I'm so  :heart:ing glad to finally have a proper open area where we can test our cars as well have some fun. Basically what I've wanted since WRC Rally Evolved but bigger and simply better. We apparently didn't see the entirety of it either...? 
  19. I was left disappointed too :lol: We went from helicopters in the sky to water. WE NEED TO GO DEEPER!
  20. Just so you know. There will be helicopters in the sky but they won't be doing any crazy flight paths or low flying. They will sometimes appear in unexpected locations so you'll need to keep your concentration on the road.  Talking about crazy and low flight paths, I remember seeing a footage on Twitter of a helicopter literally chasing a car, just a couple metres right behind it.  I can no longer find it though. It looked absolutely insane. 
  21. SKiRT 4!  :) It'd be cool to have that kind of diversity in the game. Might help attract more female players to the genre/sport. I see a black co-driver as well. Is the combination of  driver and co-driver randomized? @KickUp :)
  22. That's one of the reason why I also love the totally underrated GRID : Autosport. You could still progress without winning, if I recall correctly. I hope D4 similiar to that. I really wish the game was BC on the XB1 though. The PS3 version suffered from some performance issues that I just couldn't really put up with in the long run. 
  23. I've always loved Sweden (Norway in D3) in previous games but I never got that well along with the tracks in DR. Maybe if the they were slightly wider. :tongue:
  24. It's not on them either so don't shoot the messengers please. I'll be speaking to people about it.  What Paul said - it's not our decision (as ultimately Sales and our distribution partners Koch decide how the game is packaged) - but I can certainly take the feedback back to the team for future projects. However, with things locked in and announcements confirmed, I'm afraid there's very little that could come off the back of it for DiRT 4. While I understand the fact that neither of you have control over those decision, it's unfortunate considering how much each car matters in a gam
  25. DiRT 4 is 97 characters too short. ......
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