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  1. I don't about you guys but what i would like to see in F1 2014 is a bit more simulation. So bring back the interviews and the Paddock menu those were great features also i would love to see in the game an option so you can do a parade lap at the start to warm the tyers and line up on the grid your self. Also add an option for a victory lap at the end of the race and able to pull in the pit lane and park the car in victory lane or just outside your garage if you didn't make the top 3. It may seem a lot of writing for two ideas but i want to make sure what im saying to everyone. One last thing if we are going to keep the same annimation at the end of the race where the drivers get out the car and congratulate each other at least annimate your own name on the driver suit rather seeing the last driver's name on ot cant be that hard to put in can it ?? Thanks guys :)
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