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    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I....I'm at a loss for words. Debacles like SimCity and Diablo III keep happening time and time again, yet the AAA gaming industry refuses to learn from its mistakes. I thought you were different, Codies.... this community basically built you back up with DiRT Rally 1 and then you pull this stunt? Leave the people who have supported you unable to play the game's main mode when the servers go down? (Let's be realistic....they are NOT going to be up forever....) I don't even understand your excuse....how is cheating and piracy such a big problem now all of a sudden? This never seemed to be an issue with Rally or 4, especially since people like Ubisoft themselves ADMIT that piracy really can't be curbed. Why do you care about cheating in a SINGLE-PLAYER game, too? Furthermore, why would you even make the career dependent on an online connection? Forza Motorsport had online events in its career mode, but 14 years later that mode is still fully playable without them! Don't you guys get PAID to take examples like this into account before pulling this stunt?! I could handle leaving things like snow stages, hillclimb, and landrush out. I could even cope with the questionable DLC plans for this game. But you blatantly slapping your fans in the face like this in a climate where people like EA and Activision who are known for doing this are paying dearly for their anti-consumer actions, DAYS BEFORE RELEASE, WITHOUT ANY INDICATION BEFOREHAND, is a real low. I literally did not think this was in you. The only way you can make this right is by removing the always-online requirement. Until then, I seriously doubt I will purchase another Codemasters game again. I hope you realize you have severely messed up and destroyed many people's faith in you with this.....