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    Game will not launch

    Turns out this wasn't an F1 2020 issue it was a steam beta issue. There must have been an update today and it broke launching for all games. Reverting to the standard steam version fixed it and the game now launches fine. I've sent a bug report to steam. Sorry about the false report I didn't check if there had been any steam updates.
  2. 1: Game was working fine until today. Now after clicking play in steam it launches the pop up to choose version. Then no matter which is selected it says it is preparing to start and steam shows game as running for a second then everything goes back to how it was before I clicked play. There is no crash message. There are no instances of the game running in task manager. 2: PC Steam version. Intel i9-10920X 3.5, 64Gb Ram, Asus Strix Geforce 2080Ti. Running Windows 10 Home 64bit 2004 release, fully updated. 3: Game Version 1.05 4: All game modes, game will not launch 5: Attempted to launch via steam 6 times, 4 choosing the DX12 and 2 with DX11. Tried launching direct from folder both versions twice. After restart and validation 4 more attempts of each version. 4 more attempts (2 of each version) after uninstalling and reinstalling the game. 6: Tried revalidating the game files, all files found. No change in launching. Restarted PC but issue persists. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game but issue persists. 7: Peripherals - Xbox Elite 2 Controller via wireless dongle. 8: Issue occurs on launch.
  3. Just a quick update. I had the same issue occur after the 6 race F2 season. But I've found that if you quit out after entering the F1 season then when you reload the season the options are available to be changed.
  4. Yeah I would agree it's a terrible decision. If you want free choice of what F1 team to start then make that possible with the straight to F1 option. Or if you still want a player who has chosen to do F2 but been rubbish to have free choice just have a toggle where you can enable or disable team offers based on F2 performance. The line about your F2 performance will affect how you are viewed in F1 seems completely incorrect. I played the F2 races believing it would at least affect the starting team offers, possibly even my contract and starting perks. I've also reported a bug where if you do the 3 race F2 taster you cannot enable safety car or formation lap in the following F1 career.
  5. Description: After finishing the 3 race F2 taster both the safety car and formation lap options are greyed out and set to off for the F1 career. I've tried changing multiple options (race length, penalties) but with no effect. If you go straight to F1 or do the 6 race F2 season then both these options are available for the following F1 career. (I've not tested the full F2 season). Platform: PC via Steam Version: 1.03 Replication Numbers: I've tried 2 6 race F2 starts and on both occasions the options are available. 4, 3 race F2 taster starts have show the options to be greyed out. 2 straight to F1 starts again have the options available. Troubleshooting: Tried changing multiple settings that might be linked to disabling these options but no change. Peripherals: Xbox Elite 2 pad. I would consider this a bug as I don't think the length of the F2 seasons should limit your options for the F1 career.