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  1. I'm using valve index. Everything is a bit too small. Is there any way to manually adjust the world scale? And i'm not talking about IPD or anything like that - i'm on about the actual objects. Steering wheel, co driver, all feels too small. Wish there was a world scale adjustment like in other games?
  2. hi, In Freeplay mode - Argentina, the first stage it selects - I hear the co driver say "ok come to a stop" or whatever he says, Screen fades to black - the sound gets stuck, looping over and over from the point when screen goes black - and game is totally frozen. It happens constantly on this stage - i just tried a random australia stage - game finished fine and went back to the 2D screen on completing the stage. I have to ctrl + alt + delete and end task from task manager. Steam VR says "Oh no! SteamVR has encountered an unexpected problem" with code (-203) I've tried it with other stages, same result. My system: Valve index, GTX 2070 Super, Windows 10, 16gb ram. Frame rates and everything are fine. Gameplay is great. Input Devices being used: OSW for steering/ffb. Fanatec clubsport wheel via USB for buttons/paddle shift. Fanatec shifter for handbrake. Fanatec clubsport pedals. Please help, why can't i complete a stage, the game plays and drives fantastic! šŸ˜©
  3. Yes i agree - I have a Valve Index, 2070 Super, OSW, Fanatec shifter. The FOV is definitely too small, the world and car feels shrunk down completely. It just isn't right. Feels like i'm sat in a toy car. I also experience the weird laggyness too.