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  1. Elikian

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Thanks a lot for this update!! But for "Friends and family" leagues It's also still not possible to have a private league with a mix of Multiplayer Car and the real F1 teams. At least we can now play against official names and cars with their proper performance in our "friends and family"-league, but we then have to choose a real car. So I take a Williams and my friend takes the Racing Point. Then he would have a better car than me. We have 5 players so we don't fit in 1 team. Would be nice if we could drive our own multiplayer cars then, and have the same car. And then add the real AI. Thanks for reading!
  2. Dear Codemasters, Together with 3 Real-life friends we have been racing our own private league every installment since 2013, so we’re going into our 7th year now. For the first time this year there was the addition of the Multiplayer car, which would finally give each of us the same car, rather than having to choose somewhat similar teams every year. So we race with the 4 of us, with 16 AI drivers to fill the grid. We were very excited for the Multiplayer car, so we could create our 4 own identical cars, and fill them up with 16 AI. However, it seems this is not possible. There is 3 options 1. We can have either the Realistic F1 2019, where all cars are different, but we will be racing Vettel and Hamilton for real for the championship, but we still have the un-identical cars from Real-life teams 2. We can have Equal performance F1 2019, which means the cars might be equal but Vettel and Hamilton will be one of the many and Stroll will be just as strong, so for a championship contention the AI is really irrelevant, as the winner in 1 race will finish 17th the next time round 3. We can have all equal cars with the Multiplayer car, but the AI will also be randomly generated people, rather than the real names we all know and love So ideally we would the AI setting to be like option 1 (akin the F1 2018 settings), and the human players to be in the multiplayer car. Would that be feasible to implement in any shape or form? It would make us, and I reckon many small-knit groups of racers very happy. Any feedback you can give me would be very much appreciated. At any rate, thank you very much for your dedication to the F1 series, Kind regards,