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  1. That's something i really want to see, use all the rally cars on the RX tracks. The H2 and H3 cars would be a lot of fun for RX.
  2. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    The tarmac physics are not changed, but as you said the tarmac in Germany feels way better because it's not as flat as Spain, it has more bumps in the road. And doesn't it look fantastic ?
  3. RoccoTTS

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    It seems there are some very egoistic(sorry if i offended someone) people here on this forum, if their most wanted track or car is not on the list it's a "disaster" or "disappointment" or "*****". If you look at the content of season 1 and 2 combined, CM did a pretty good job trying to give something for everybody. It's a good mixture of Rally, RallyX, old cars, more recent cars,.... They can't please everybody and it was very clear this was a Rally AND a RallyX game from the beginning.
  4. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    I'm happy with the upcoming content of season 2. Group B RX with 2 new RX locations and nice Group B RWD cars with the Wales Rally. Nice !
  5. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    I have a new 4.6 GB update on PC, anyone knows something about it ? edit : the new Germany location is added to the files
  6. RoccoTTS

    FFB fixed? No, we need VIBRATIONS!!

    Can you change the word "We" by "I" in your post please ? You don't speak for all of us.
  7. RoccoTTS

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I'm very happy about the ffb now. With the suspension slider at 100, you can clearly feel the road and the difference between tarmac, gravel, heavy gravel,... Thank CM for making the ffb better
  8. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    Found this on steam : Hi all, DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.4 releases at 11am (BST) today, and with that, RaceNet will go down for maintenance, so please make sure you're not playing the game when 11am comes around, as it could compromise event times etc. being uploaded to the server. We're expecting RaceNet to be up and running by 12pm BST. Here is what the update will bring: - Online Custom events can now be set up as human only - Plain black and white liveries added for most vehicles - UI indication added for when ghost cars are stopped due to time penalty - Leaderboards will now support going to the top from all positions - AI will no longer select unreleased vehicles - Speedcar Xtrem wheels will not disappear - Improvement to Silverstone joker lap detection - Costa Rican added as a nationality - Tyre warnings are improved when in the service area - Reset line improvements on Mettet - Delta Daily will now award correct credits - Improvements to Opel Manta 400 engine audio# - Turning off Personal Best ghosts will keep them off for the remainder of the session - Visual improvements to some vehicles - Proximity warnings will not be shown on retired vehicles - Resuming championships will not damage previously undamaged components - Stability improvements throughout title Please note that a further update will follow in the next week, which will focus solely upon FFB – so if you’re wondering where that is, it’s just around the next corner!
  9. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    Studded snow tires as you can see....
  10. RoccoTTS

    DiRTy Gossip

    This focus is not upcoming content, it's just a mod you can download here
  11. I don't protect CM. But we all going to benefit if the community tries to report bugs and gives (negative)feedback in a respectful and organized way. It's not productive if everyone starts attacking devs and beta testers in every thread. The goal should be trying to give proper feedback to the devs and NOT punish the devs for their mistakes in every way possible. edit : there's an alternative, stay away from CM and don't buy their products.
  12. We all know there's a problem with the ffb, but posts like this are not going to solve the problem. Do you really expect they are going to answer a post like this ? This post is pretty arrogant and the only thing you do is attacking people. The devs who are looking for feedback in this forum are probably not even going to read post like this.
  13. RoccoTTS

    Golden Days

    That's how it is, people will always complain, they don't need a reason. A week ago i was on the Raceroom forum, and people there complaining not having rain. A few moments later i moved to this forum and people were complaining they hate rain.
  14. RoccoTTS

    Let’s talk about wheel friction

    I have wheel friction always at 0, every race game. The only thing wheel friction does is add weight without giving you useful info. In most cases it even masks the real ffb.