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  1. 4 minutes ago, bogani said:

    To be fair I think the tarmac in Germany feels miles ahead of Spain. 

    I love how the rough parts feel. 

    It lookss fantastic as well. So much better than in DR! 

    The tarmac physics are not changed, but as you said the tarmac in Germany feels way better because it's not as flat as Spain, it has more bumps in the road.

    And doesn't it look fantastic ?




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  2. Found this on steam :

    Hi all,

    DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.4 releases at 11am (BST) today, and with that, RaceNet will go down for maintenance, so please make sure you're not playing the game when 11am comes around, as it could compromise event times etc. being uploaded to the server. We're expecting RaceNet to be up and running by 12pm BST. Here is what the update will bring:

    - Online Custom events can now be set up as human only

    - Plain black and white liveries added for most vehicles

    - UI indication added for when ghost cars are stopped due to time penalty

    - Leaderboards will now support going to the top from all positions

    - AI will no longer select unreleased vehicles

    - Speedcar Xtrem wheels will not disappear

    - Improvement to Silverstone joker lap detection

    - Costa Rican added as a nationality

    - Tyre warnings are improved when in the service area

    - Reset line improvements on Mettet

    - Delta Daily will now award correct credits

    - Improvements to Opel Manta 400 engine audio#

    - Turning off Personal Best ghosts will keep them off for the remainder of the session

    - Visual improvements to some vehicles

    - Proximity warnings will not be shown on retired vehicles

    - Resuming championships will not damage previously undamaged components

    - Stability improvements throughout title

    Please note that a further update will follow in the next week, which will focus solely upon FFB – so if you’re wondering where that is, it’s just around the next corner!


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  3. 18 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:

    i Think its a Season Two Content  beaucse its The Ford Focus 2001 and i guess The Other Cars are : Lancia 037,Subaru Impreza WRC,Peugot 306 Maxi and Seat Ibiza,

    And The Tracks : Wales,Finnland and Greece .it is Known Season Two That will be become 3 Tracks


    The number on the car irritates me it is the car of Carlos Sainz



    This focus is not upcoming content, it's just a mod you can download here :classic_wink:

  4. 23 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    i have a question: how have you guys adjusted the FOV slider?    i have it set to max, because the sense of speed, bot maybe it's wrong 🤔

    Just like all other race games, i calculate my FOV and use this.

  5. 33 minutes ago, sqdstr said:

    I'm in the middle of giving Monte Carlo a go, just had a run on the Sprint en montée but are those new winter tyres that come with the rally really working? I mean there's absolutely no grip at all anymore when u hit a snowpatch, the car just slides immediatedly and spears off to one of the sides.

    I really like it this way, lots of fun with all those mixed conditions. It's a nice challenge.



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