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  1. triggs19571


     When Race driver grid first hit the stands I got hooked right off the bat (It was way ahead of of the times) Well same thing with Autosport.I loved it from the first race as much as I do now.I dont know how many times while learning the tracks and getting the setups right that my xbox 360 all most went out the window and I swore  in words I cant put in print I would never play it again.And five min. later I was at it again.To me thats the fun of The Grid games learning and getting better Its just to bad there is no one online to play any more.
  2. triggs19571


     And the companies that make the games we play get all pissed off when someone downloads a cracked game from a torrent site.Well Codemasters I love all the Grid games and paid for them!But the last two pc games I bought COD black ops 3 from EA and now GAS is having problems maybe ill start checking out the torrents first becouse I cant pay out 92:00 for useless games.
  3. triggs19571

    Grid Autosport Corrupt File

    Same here after 188 hours of play time and all six of my cars lost.Whats funny Steam blames Codemasters And Codemasters blames steam and if you look at all the discussions in steam and this forum the questions keeps going unanswered.What I want to know is there a fix on the way for this or every time I reach 187 hours do I need to back up the file?