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  1. why bother. lol people have been raising these issues since day one and CM just ignores it completely. Repetitive challenges is very common indeed. And instead of coming up with a real solution with the AI they just gave us more time attack which didnt solve anything. Its not rocket science to solve the issues here. Fix for repetitiveness  Make a better cycle on classes and cars - IE blacklist classes and tracks(the route not the entire location) for a short period making it impossible to drive the same class and track each week Fix for AI involvement Set grid order to human player first
  2. i was the one suggesting putting human driver in pos 1. that was in addition to the already suggested increase AI difficulty to hard. those two together would fix most of the issues. CM gave some response after the two first weeks but after that they have been dead silence about the matter. and when their solution was to give more time attacks(which they haven't really done and will fix nothing) it only shows they have no interest in our concerns regarding this matter.
  3. well this weeks racenet challenge is just pure trolling :smiley:  4 of the cars are the same as last week. 2 of the challenges have the same cars on the same tracks as last week. one of the cars are used in two different challenges. one of the tracks are used in two different challenges. lol and of course we still have the terrible AI that are trolling in every race. Good one, CM.
  4. CM: Four cars for 2.99€ EA: Five cars for 9.99€ But those EA cars are Lamborghini and Ferrari :P
  5. said it countless times: put human player in pos 1 and problem is solved. if i remember correct they just have to enable the higher xp starts in front option and its fixed..I've also asked on this very forum several times about any feedback regarding this but it seems CM doesnt care. They rather give us lots of time attack because in the little bubble they live in thats supposed to fix things. lol
  6. What about the concerns regarding the AI in racenet challenges? I havent seen any feedback on this matter. Just let us know if something is going on or not. We already gave feedback that changing to more time attack solves nothing. Giving human player pos 1 however will solve most of the issues and you will no longer need to give us mostly time attack.
  7. What do you like about the AI Nothing really. See next What don't you like about the AI Theres not much intelligence involved. Turn on steering lines and you'll see they are simply following that line with  a set speed. If you happen to be in their line they will just ram into you and drive on while you are pushed out of the track either getting a white lines penalty, damaged car or just spin around. This can be reproduced by simply driving past an AI and drive in their line a little slower than them and watch whats happening.  What would you improve with the AI Give them some intel
  8. In other words you should consider selling and buy a new car after 8000 miles. But this isnt a good an option since you have to rank the car again as it is today. Will this also be fixed? You did say in an older thread that you shouldnt have to rank the car again, just buy the upgrades again. However today selling your car resets the rank. Will there be any changes on the racenet challenges that many have asked for? Putting human player in pos 1 solves most of the concerns...
  9. This week we drive the same cars in two of the challenges and the tuner challenge is the exact same challenge as last week. and still challenges being ruined by the crappy ai.
  10. and no racenet challenge AI tweak. So CM just ignored all the main things people have been asking for the last weeks. I guess selling a car and buying a new one still resets the rank even though Loore said himself you shouldnt need to rank the car again if you sell and buy a new one. And i thought EA and Dice was bad with the BF4 patches... :P
  11. We want to race where skill is the decider, not luck. With scripted cars involved the worse driver can beat the good driver because he got lucky with the  scripted cars or found a way to overtake them outside the track without getting penalized. But somehow I think you are just in this thread to troll when all you can say is: get used to it. If you want to drive the scripted cars then you can do that. CM made an entire part of the game dedicated to just that. Its called single player. 
  12. Another week and the racenet challenges are still ruined by the scripted cars.This week you gave us more time attack and it didnt change anything. Its about time CM starts to listen to what we're saying. We are NOT racing the scripted cars, we ARE racing the leader boards. If we want to race scripted cars we have single player to do that. Let us start in pos 1 in racenet challenges. That way you can keep your precious scripted cars and we will not be bothered by them unless we're driving super slow. Its not that hard to do.
  13. Another week where the racenet challenges are ruined by the scripted cars(i refuse to call it AI since there is no intelligence involved). Why not just let human players start in pos 1 as a quick fix. If you do that the scripted cars wont be a problem in any race event at all. As said many times before: We are not racing the AI, we are racing the leader boards! If we want to race the scripted cars we got a whole part of the game called single player to do that.
  14. Famous exclusive cars DLC..... Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini with cars in many classes. Supercars and hypercars are given. But also touring, GT, performance and open wheel got possibilities. But i know this will never happen :(
  15. It gives you what you want no? It lessens the effects of AI in the challenge but still keeps the 'fastest lap' style mechanic? We're not racing the AI but the leader boards. The AI is in the way regardless of game mode. Even in time attack it takes less than 1 lap until you have traffic in front of you. So what we want is the opportunity to drive as fast as we can without mobile obstacles to compete with everyone on the challenge leader boards. This can be done by either increasing AI level, let human player start in pos 1(this would solve it in all game modes and still keep fastest lap me
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