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  1. I take that back about the PC version being fair. It's better than the PS3 version yes. BUT the AI cars are still heavier than yours, which makes it bloody unfair when they collide with you. Shame, ruins an otherwise Excellent game.
  2. Now I know why the opinions are so divided on this game. The PC version is not like the PS3 version. The PC version is MUCH better, perhaps even fair !? I recommend you try the PS3 version then you will understand all these people in here with the opposite opinion.
  3. I can start a fresh game, and at the very first corner I am bullied off the track. By tanks. That is crap programming. I will try the PC Version this evening and post my feedback. Perhaps it is a bit more forgiving than the PS3 version.
  4. NONSENSE The cars the I've never even touched, or passed, often ram me off at the corners. They come blasting in at high speed, whether I'm taking a good line or not. Ever time I take a corner in this game its like a gamble if I will survive or not. That's why I don't play this game. The computer cars are also built like tanks in this game, and ofte nany contacnt involves you shooting off the track, and them hardly moving. You statement is so biased its laughable. I have the PS3 version. Perhaps the PC version has less aggressive AI? That's the only reason I can possibly think of when I hea
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