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  1. bluwaters

    What's wrong with multiplayer?

    Yeah i don't disagree with you on that.... if you can find a 25% lobby with people in it then you might find some good racing, problem is you can't find active lobbies because most people are just sick of not making it out of the first corner/lap. This has been like this since F12016/17 when the lobbies started to just fade away and more and more people went to Leagues to race with people they know.
  2. bluwaters

    What's wrong with multiplayer?

    Yeah probably because they don't want to deal with the 1st corner shenanigans ...
  3. bluwaters

    Multiplayer Racing Suits

    I've mentioned this in another post.... i don't get why we couldn't have this as an options considering it the sponsors are already in the game. I don't think it is a license issue so why not give us the option to have the sponsors which are ON the car that you signed for during your career to have their title sponsors on their suit.... it looks kind of stupid if you and your teammate both finish on the podium and 1 driver looks basic (arcady) and the other fully decked out in official colors/sponsors.
  4. bluwaters

    Do something different next year.

    You need to go read some of the Dirt Forums my friend before asking for the Development Department switch 🙂
  5. bluwaters


    As nice as that is, i think they have way too many other things they are working on as priority to add that on. But it is cool thought though for the future, maybe 🙂
  6. bluwaters

    F1 Tips & Tricks

    Are you a wheel user or pad user? ..... because that can depend on how heavy your foot is on the throttle 🙂
  7. bluwaters

    Black Flag

    This is really what is killing the multiplayer lobbies.... and not just in this game but in all the racing game lobbies. It's sad as I used to love to go in with friends but now i avoid them like the plague unless i know who i am racing with. It's no fun anymore when you put the time in - practice, qualifying - for it to all be ended by someone who doesn't care but to cause carnage in turn 1 (of any circuit that is)
  8. Yeah that sucks it isn't possible. But in public lobbies would be awesome still to see. Yes i meant in Multiplayer like they did in the past (Dirt 3 or 4) Ghosting sucks!!!
  9. bluwaters

    Sponsorship Usage

    Question.... Why is it that the helmets and race suits are so 'basic'? Why is it that we can't add sponsors to them? It has all of the sponsors already in the game so it isn't a Licensing Issue (i don't think) so why not be able to add some sponsors (even if you have to use earned credits in the game to unlock them at different stages) to your helmet/race suit/gloves. The abstract-looking art/lines are just so .... retro-looking and basic and i just think we can have our drivers looking so much realistic and better with sponsorship badging. Just a thought....
  10. Not sure if it was mentioned, but something I would love to see return to the series is staggered starts in the events. Don't remember which Dirt had it 3 or 4 but it was a great addition to the game.
  11. bluwaters

    DR2.0 Going Elite - Tips needed

    Very good advice!!
  12. bluwaters

    Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

    I had the TrackIR 4 years ago and loved it. Don't know much about this product but will check it out now. If you do get one let me know what you think.
  13. bluwaters

    Run out of energy too quickly

    Where does it indicate that Overtake (4) is the "Max Power" setting and Hotlap (5) is only for 1 lap or is this an assumption as to how this should be in the game? Has anyone tested this on Time Trials or Practice sessions to see which one actually gives you a faster time? I am curious now to see or get some verification on this as I've always assumed the Hotlap (5) setting was the fastest setting.
  14. bluwaters

    Ai Track Awareness (Qualifying)

    Yeah that sounds about right HAHAHA I actually keep mine at 85-90 for me to enjoy it and feel a proper challenge and not be like - what's the point? HAHAHAHA
  15. bluwaters

    Ai Track Awareness (Qualifying)

    One of my buddies i race with actually said he changed his to 110 and it seemed to help with them not being in the way as much because they are actually driving faster. I haven't tried it yet but if you do let me know LOL