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  1. bluwaters

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Yes running the CS Elite with F1 V2. I can't speak for Thrustmaster...never owned one and never will (personal preference - esthetics)
  2. bluwaters

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Honestly I don't have a problem with people that use assist if it means they will give me a good race. When you think about it, someone driving No Assists and they suck at it and are off the pace will not be enjoyable to race against.... but if you can race someone driving with assists on and they are within even 1/2 a second of your times then that is a remedy for some good racing. I think too many people focus on whether assists or no assists when they should be focusing on getting better and faster understanding the track and the car and developing their driving style. @TomAAA that must of been one hell of an experience and i agree with you @DaleRossi that save ya money for the track - No Kids HAHAHAHAHA
  3. bluwaters

    PC Leagues?

    Anyone can point me to a good Rally League or anyone that wants to do some rallying online? blu
  4. bluwaters

    How many warnings...

    Ahhh ok got it... Thanks!
  5. bluwaters

    How many warnings...

    Hey guys!! Just curious... Can someone tell me how many warnings does a person get from the game before they get a penalty for corner cutting and then how many additional warnings do you get for your 2nd penalty? I thought I read somewhere it was 4 or 5 warnings before the first penalty (+10 Seconds) and then 3 or 4 warning before the second penalty (+20 seconds)  Can anyone confirm this?
  6. bluwaters

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    One thing that i think would be nice and add a bit of the realistic feel to the game is the ability to control your car in the pits.  This 'automatic take over' is very unrealistic.  Let drivers be able to control their pit speed and control and get penalties if they forget to engage the speed limiter.  It would add that sense of realism we are missing. :)