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  1. Maybe you have it on already, not sure but if you do then just ignore my request.... Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base and BMW GT2 Rim rev lights have been reversed - starting from right to left.
  2. German Stages?? You have access to them already?
  3. Thanks @EnsiFerrum!!! I will check it out tonight when i get home. This has been driving me crazy.
  4. bluwaters

    Why does the sound cut out randomly

    It's also happening on the PC side... was in a middle of a stage and everything went quiet except for the "crackle" whenever i did something with the mouse or wheel inputs.
  5. So i didn't notice anything different with the FFB but the Steering Sensitivity setting (on Fanatec wheels) has changed and I might add its more realistic now. Before i used to have mine at 55 and now i can run it at full 108 setting and not feel like i am turning the wheel forever.
  6. bluwaters

    Lights Control

    Would be great if you can control the lights (On & Off) before the start of the stage. Thanks
  7. Rev Lights on Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and on BMW GT2 Rim are in reverse.... going from Blue to Yellow (right to left) and had the sound cut out mid-stage (Argentina).
  8. Anyone have any ideas or input on this? 🙂
  9. Have a quick question regarding Dirt Rally 2.0 and mapping the Shifter SQ and paddles. Specs: Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base Fanatec BMW GT2 Rim Fanatec Handbrake & ShifterSQ Problem I am having is that when i want to use my paddles on the rim they are mapped as (5) and (6) and then when I want to use my Sequential Shifter i have to keep going back into the Input and editing the profile and re-mapping them and then they become (29) and Button 30 for the shifterSQ and then same thing when i want to go back to the Paddles - I have to re-map them all over again and they change back to (5) and (6). My question is do I need to keep doing this or am i missing a setting or something as far as it being able to recognize both of them without having to re-map all the time? Anyone else having this issue or can someone tell me if there is something i am doing wrong? Thanks Blu
  10. bluwaters

    Changing Gears

    So i just recently upgraded my wheel to the Fanatec BMW GT2 to run Dirt Rally 2.0 and realized that when I want to use the shifter vs the paddles i have to keep re-mapping my Gears. Is this a Fanatec issue or something within the game? I can't use the Paddles unless i map them and if i go to an older H2 or H3 car and want to use the Shifter i have to go into Input and re-map the gears again to work with the shifter. It's as if the Paddles/Shifter get automatically disengaged when i chose one or the other.
  11. bluwaters

    PC Leagues?

    Anyone can point me to a good Rally League or anyone that wants to do some rallying online? blu