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  1. bluwaters

    Logitech MOMO force wheel Dirt Rally 2.0 support

    Wrong forum room.... post this in Dirt Forum
  2. These were just some suggestions.... 5 was a number i put out there.. it could be 10, 20 or more people. How many ever they want was what i was getting at ... I don't know their budget LOL I also didn't say "random peeps".... i said "well known and respected within the community" and i would presume it would be people that have a lot of interaction already in here and are trusted and built up a network within the forums with other members.
  3. HAHAHAHA.... you didn't like the Jet Helicopters?? LOL
  4. @Faya maybe you guys (the team) that are responsible for the Forums can implement a kind of acknowledgment system to give Forum Members some form of assurance it has been looked at. I'm not a web developer so not sure how that can be worked into the forum itself. But it will go a long way with Forum Members to see a form of acknowledgement from your team and not feel ignored. Just a thought...
  5. @Max Sirman it is one of the biggest complaints i have seen on any forum... the lack of communication, except for the select few people that get any reply's. I don't know if the Forum Staff have their hands tied from upper management or are just warned to ignore most posts but take notes on the problems. They are a few things that aren't really acknowledged publicly in the forums but are fixed in later patch releases. What the forums need is a Mediator Team that can freely interact between Forum Members and Codemasters Staff on DAILY POSTS. This is not something that can be done by 1 or 2 persons but rather a team of no less than 5 per game title (just my suggestion) and that can keep communication going. I know people will say "but they do have people/members that reply (above tagged members -faya etc.)" but i am talking about people that communicate on a regular basis and are constantly active in the forums.... maybe even look at 'hiring' forum members - well known and respected in the community - for the job and there is not a break in communication, or i should say lack of it on most topics. This is an ongoing issue that is seen across all platforms..... and it's sad that it takes people like @Max Sirman and countless others to create posts like this complaining about the same thing.
  6. bluwaters

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    @SIMRACER123 @AlexTT do you guys think this could be a problem that is specifically towards PS4??? @DaleRossi try binding stuff to your directional buttons and see. I know one shortcut i use for the MFD is that when you want to close it quickly you press and hold the button you use to activate it and it 'minimizes' the MFD immediately. So maybe you can close it quickly and then use your original button which you bound Look Back with to use it - just a work around. Maybe try the Look Back as one of the ridiculous buttons (not the default buttons) on the trigger side of the remote (if you not on a wheel) and if you are on the wheel then try one of your other buttons just to see if there is an action happening.
  7. bluwaters

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    So i am driving with Mclaren my first season and i have the FOV just set to where i can see just over half of my mirror... just enough to see any cars around me and if my DRS did open (LOL) but if i have an issue i know my back up is just "look back" button which i use and do prefer over a 'floating virtual mirror' I currently have no data display info on my screen as i want it to be as real as possible so no distractions. But map one of your keys to Look Back and it will serve your purpose.
  8. bluwaters

    Looking for other Drivers (PC)

    Not looking for a league... but this is where i was told i should post my request. Just looking for some other racers that would be interested in doing some random races .... not looking for full commitment for a league, been there and done that. Drop me a message on Steam if you are interested Steam GT: bluwaters
  9. bluwaters

    Optimum tyre temps

    This is actually a very good question.... i'd like to know if there is a window for where the tyre drops off and not when your engineer tells you LOL
  10. bluwaters

    Fuel issue in Bahrain

    Yeah i know... i actually used 2 or 3 on the ERS for most of the race.... the few occasions i had to battle for position i went up to 4 (Overtake) on the ERS but most of it was on 2 or 3. I think it may of been a glitch but just wanted to see if anyone else had something similar happen. What i found crazy was that i should of seen a big difference after 3 or 4 laps of running in lean mode to bring my fuel back into the Green........ but that never happened and thats what makes me wonder if it is a glitch/error or something else i was doing wrong.
  11. bluwaters

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    I honestly couldn't be bothered with the online lobbies unless i am racing with people i know. It's not worth the headache, IMO. You put all the time in to get your rating up and then something stupid happens and you are penalized for it - even though it isn't your fault - and there goes your rating you worked so hard to get. I'll just continue to run with drivers i know 🙂
  12. bluwaters

    Fuel issue in Bahrain

    Was doing my Career Race at Bahrain (25% 14Laps) last night in the Mclaren and i always put 1-2 laps extra fuel in my car to burn off excess in the first few laps at Rich... this time i did not. I left the fuel where it set and i only changed my pit stop strategy for coming in 1 lap earlier - Lap 3. I started the race engine mode set RICH and race for 1 lap and then turned down to Standard.... by the end of the 3rd lap i went into the pit and turned down to Lean... my Fuel Indicator said i had about -.02 which was odd. So i left it on Lean for the out lap and by end of lap 4 (out lap) i turned it back to Standard and about half way through the lap the negative number continued to drop (as far down to -1.33) I ran the entire race in lean from lap 4 to 14 and short shifted and never once got back in the green. I finished with -.02 on the display. Tires (Soft for 3 laps and Mediums for 11 laps) Engine Modes (RICH for lap 1 and Lean for 12/13 laps) I checked the parts and there were all under 20% as this is only the 2nd race event for the career so no excessive wear on any of the engine components! Anyone else come across this issue with fuel just dropping that rapidly in a race?
  13. bluwaters

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Yes running the CS Elite with F1 V2. I can't speak for Thrustmaster...never owned one and never will (personal preference - esthetics)
  14. bluwaters

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Honestly I don't have a problem with people that use assist if it means they will give me a good race. When you think about it, someone driving No Assists and they suck at it and are off the pace will not be enjoyable to race against.... but if you can race someone driving with assists on and they are within even 1/2 a second of your times then that is a remedy for some good racing. I think too many people focus on whether assists or no assists when they should be focusing on getting better and faster understanding the track and the car and developing their driving style. @TomAAA that must of been one hell of an experience and i agree with you @DaleRossi that save ya money for the track - No Kids HAHAHAHAHA
  15. bluwaters

    Using Look to Apex?

    Honestly, i can say i have never used it, or not really known it was there. Think i will try it out and see how it works and if i do like it...