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  1. I just went back and looked and I am still 8th and when I loaded the track it displayed a time and ghost which isnt even my fastest lap.
  2. race touring car c on the tiny brands hatch track you will see I am placed in top 10 or was last I played a couple weeks ago my gamertag is hoosier__1964.  Doesnt matter the setting.  I do race 3rd person though.  I use the chevy cruze.
  3. I am on PS3 and I will no longer purchase codemasters games until two months after release, assuming reviews are favorable, which, I assume they will not be.  They have shown me they no longer know how to make a decent racing game.  Yes, I know they're are many that like the racing engine.  Me too, but the time trial sucks ass as you can only race the courses CM allows you too and it doesnt even work correctly after waiting nearly two months for it.  I have paid more for this game than any I have ever owned and each dlc makes it work even worse and that is after waiting mor
  4. Im talking about the time that is displayed on the screen as your fastest lap will change to slower times as you drive and even more infuriating the ghost changes so you think you are bettering your time to only find out after you cross the start/finish line that you were racing a slower ghost from a previous slower lap.  Maybe I am not like others and will drive 20 consecutive laps.  Im telling you the times change to slower times every few laps for no apparent reason.
  5. Just go onto time trial and select the smallest track you can and run ten laps on it without modifying your car and you will see what I am talking about and ya, I am aware how time trial should work since Im 50 and owned nearly every codemasters racing game from the past 12 years.  It doesnt work properly and I can complain even if they dont respond and its still a real issue.  Your fastest lap should always remain your fastest lap.
  6. I want it to just work.  Run ten laps and watch as the fastest lap just changes to slower times.  Im surprised I am the only one on PS3 complaining about this.  Its so bad I have given up on this game entirely and been playing something else considering they just ignore me and dont even acknowledge that there is an issue.
  7. Looks like they used the same beta test group for the time trial that they used to create the game.
  8. I just wished it worked as promised.  Time trial was two months late and it still does not work properly with best lap times changing and going back to try again to find your best lap time isnt even your best lap time.............dont even get me started on how half assed it is, not even letting you race your favorte tracks/car combinations............oh ya, on US ps3 we still dont even have x5 garage slots.  I'm not happy at all with my 83 dollar purchase.
  9. I must have overlooked this.  Ya, time trial is f'd up.  I can race twenty laps and within that twenty laps my best lap time will have changed 5 times and sometimes I look as though Im leading to only find out that my lap time is slower than my best.
  10. They have provided you a track and car and if that track allows you to run wide or cut then just f'n do it and quit going on and on about it.  If its not a fowl then it's legal and if the game penalizes you for cutting and you still benefit oh well apparently that is fine.  Hey, this game was thoroughly tested and what we have is what was deemed proper.
  11. Buying a season pass for a game before the specific contents of that season pass have been revealed is a blind/faith purchase - you don't know what you're getting, but you're trusting the game's creators to deliver something good... I can tell you from this point forward they will need to earn my trust back before I lay down another cent for anything made by codemasters.
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