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  1. baunau

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    Not quite. His claim was that the pacenotes are all "separately recorded clips" and it's all a "database of words which are played back when needed", which to me suggests that any given pacenote was simply recorded once and re-used, e.g. all '2 right' calls would sound the same. Of course the audio has to be triggered at specific points throughout the stages, I made no claim to the contrary and neither did the other guy (worded as "somehow synchronized with pace"). Nitpicking, sure, but it was his derogatory tone towards a person who (for the most part) got it right that just irked me.
  2. baunau

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    *Ahem*..: http://blog.codemasters.com/community/10/dr20-co-drivercalls/
  3. baunau

    DiRTy Gossip

    I was just about to ask the same....? The league data seems to be available, though. I have a tab open for an active league and can see the standings and schedule etc. (phew), but the leagues I've joined no longer appear on my stats/profile page. Leagues home and search pages are affected as well.
  4. baunau

    DiRTy Gossip

    So, @ChristinaMc responded to a comment I made earlier over at Reddit (regarding last week's missing road book): "This was it! Alas, it wasn't time off though- it was work stuff in a (sort of) faraway country. Had very limited internet access so couldn't give it the love and dedication it deserved. Tomorrow will have said love and dedication. ;)"