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  1. Quite happy with this rally, managed to keep it smooth. Remains to see if that translates to fast, though.
  2. That was an exciting rally. Managed to keep up with @SkyRex and @Janneman60 all the way through to stage 6 and we were swapping positions every stage. I even had a proper jump-scare on stage 6 where a deer decided to jump out of the bushes right before a fast R4/L5 combo. Was too eager on stage 7 and ended up with a left-rear puncture halfway through the stage. Pushed on to the finish, but spun three times on my way there. Slightly disappointed.
  3. Phew! Managed to get through Monte without any major incidents. Lost focus on stage 6 and did a few mistakes, including a full-stop when I hit a bush. Lucky for me, it seems that @SkyRex was a bit off pace there as well so I managed to stay ahead of him. Since I never had more than a few secs lead on him throughout the rally I fully expected to mess up somewhere, but in the end I beat him with a whopping 0.362 seconds. That was intense, great fun. 😄
  4. baunau

    DiRTy Gossip

    I was just about to ask the same....? The league data seems to be available, though. I have a tab open for an active league and can see the standings and schedule etc. (phew), but the leagues I've joined no longer appear on my stats/profile page. Leagues home and search pages are affected as well.
  5. baunau

    DiRTy Gossip

    So, @ChristinaMc responded to a comment I made earlier over at Reddit (regarding last week's missing road book): "This was it! Alas, it wasn't time off though- it was work stuff in a (sort of) faraway country. Had very limited internet access so couldn't give it the love and dedication it deserved. Tomorrow will have said love and dedication. ;)"