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  1. My choice of safari-rally is Finland, alternatively Argentina if the former is excluded.
  2. Quite happy with this rally, managed to keep it smooth. Remains to see if that translates to fast, though.
  3. That was an exciting rally. Managed to keep up with @SkyRex and @Janneman60 all the way through to stage 6 and we were swapping positions every stage. I even had a proper jump-scare on stage 6 where a deer decided to jump out of the bushes right before a fast R4/L5 combo. Was too eager on stage 7 and ended up with a left-rear puncture halfway through the stage. Pushed on to the finish, but spun three times on my way there. Slightly disappointed.
  4. Phew! Managed to get through Monte without any major incidents. Lost focus on stage 6 and did a few mistakes, including a full-stop when I hit a bush. Lucky for me, it seems that @SkyRex was a bit off pace there as well so I managed to stay ahead of him. Since I never had more than a few secs lead on him throughout the rally I fully expected to mess up somewhere, but in the end I beat him with a whopping 0.362 seconds. That was intense, great fun. 😄
  5. Weeeee, Sweden was a ton of fun! Far from perfect, think I averaged a spin per stage, but it didn't matter as I was too busy enjoying the ride. Managed to keep @Scyy at an arms length up until SS5 where I got stuck on a snow bank and spent a good 12-13 seconds before I got back on the road (was almost auto-reset). My lead was now down to 2,5 secs (exciting!). Lost more time on SS6 which left me 1,9 secs behind before the last stage. Pushed as hard as I dared on SS7 since I knew Scyy had a good run there, but didn't stand a chance against him and ended my rally 3,7 secs behind. Thanks for
  6. Well, that was a short rally... Made it about halfway through SS1 before I slid off the road into early retirement. *sigh*
  7. Hit a couple of rough spots here and there + a barrel-roll on SS4 (negligible time-loss), but the rest was more or less flawless. Very pleased with this season and I quite enjoyed driving the Hyundai. Since I've won two seasons in a row, I'd rather have the runner-up choose the class for the next one. I.e., the choice is yours, @YoMrWhite. :)
  8. Oh, man, that was an exciting event! Made a couple of mistakes on SS4 where the car was thrown sideways after some close calls, but the rest of the rally was pretty clean. Most of all, I'm happy that I was able to keep focused throughout, especially with @Snaky115 right on my heels. Such a shame that you went off-road on SS6 as I'm sure it would have been a real close fight to the end (...and I'm not convinced I'd come out on top).
  9. Sorry to have pushed you down a spot, @Scyy. :neutral: Nice driving, though, that was a nice fight you had with @kildog. Quite happy with my performance even though I had my fair share of spins (only SS1 and 6 were clean). Luckily for me, the spins were not of the severe kind and didn't cost me too much time overall. I've got a feeling someone will knock me off the top-spot P.S. Looking back at the last two events, I think I may have been too kind when I set the stage conditions this season; no snow in Monaco and only one night/snow combo in Sweden?! Pfft... :naughty:
  10. I was just about to ask the same....? The league data seems to be available, though. I have a tab open for an active league and can see the standings and schedule etc. (phew), but the leagues I've joined no longer appear on my stats/profile page. Leagues home and search pages are affected as well.
  11. Wheee, that was fun! :) The i20's handlng was quite nice and predictable and I was able to maintain a good rhythm throughout the stages. No major mistakes, no bouncing off the walls, just a few minor bruises here and there, which is a small victory in itself. Quite the nail-biter as well; due to @Snaky115's unfortunate retirement, with @Dytut and @Scyy (shame about your incident) right on my heels, I knew there were no room for mistakes.
  12. I don't mind setting it up, it's about time I made myself useful around here. ;) Unless you guys want a longer cooling-off period, I'll set the season start tonight at midnight (UTC/GMT). Ok, new season is up. Good luck, gents!
  13. Obligatory victory dance... ...kicked into high-gear when I noticed the DiRT 4 pre-order was available! It was fun driving the S4 again this season, but mostly surprised that I managed to avoid any spectacular crashes. My choice for next season is the 2010s (and I'll be driving the i20). My setup: T300RS steering wheel (540 degrees, hard-lock, manual sequential), T3PA-PRO pedals and TH8A shifter (used as handbrake). Been using 540 DoR for a while as I had a hard time adjusting to the different cars when I used the soft-lock option. I've been tempted to go back to soft-lock + h-shifter
  14. Had a decent pace on SS1-2, but started to mess things up on SS3 where I clipped a pole which whipped the rear around, sent the car sideways and ended up parked on the edge of the road with all four wheels off the ground (had to reset), followed by a full spin later into the stage. SS4 was no better as I lost my rear-left wheel in sector 1, but decided to push on instead of fixing it (and lose precious time). Managed to keep it together until the finish line, though; it was basically like driving the 037 with less grip than usual. Rest of the stages were ok, with only a couple of spins, but no
  15. This was hands-down one of the best rallies I've done in a long time! Not much to say about my driving as I made it all the way through to SS7 without any (major) mistakes. However, the fact that it had gone so well really got to me during SS6 where my concentration started slipping as I was slowly convincing myself that a major accident would soon happen (self-fulfilling prophecy). Sure enough, braked too late for the penultimate hairpin on SS7 (at the top of the uphill section) and slid off into the rocks. After some frantic downshifting and a few curses, I made it back onto the road and t
  16. Think I had 3-4 spins and an equal number of times where I mistook the S4 for a snowplough, but luckily none of these mishaps led to a full stop or cost me too many seconds. Definitely did not expect to come out on top of this one, as I usually buckle under pressure, but @Dytut's misfortune on SS3 (ugh, that sucks) gave me a little bit of breathing space I guess. Had fun, looking forward to the next one!
  17. Here you go: 2000s1970sGroup A2010s1980s2010sGroup B (RWD + 4WD), except 205 and S41960sOpen (all classes)Group A, F2 Kit Car and R41970s + Alpine2000s1980sGroup B (RWD + 4WD), except 205 and S4
  18. I feel you. If you have the wrong feel in Wales the Metro is simply horrible.  Shouldn't have played at all tonight, it seems. Tried a couple of other stage/car combos and everything felt off, so I won't blame it all on the Metro (...although, no matter how much I've tried/wanted in the past, I rarely have any fun with it). :-| Bring on the next season!
  19. I hate the Metro... (yes, that was a rage-quit on SS2)
  20. Had to split my rally into two sessions, which probably was for the best as I was definitely not feeling it earlier today. SS1-3 felt horrible as the Metro was bouncing all over the place, usually ending up somewhere I did not want it to be. SS4-7 felt completely different, more balanced due to a better flow (although the bouncy-castle feeling did occur from time to time). Still not "feeling" the Metro yet, but it sure did show itself from its best side for the latter part of this rally.
  21. Had to try my luck with a regular controller for this rally ("stealth-mode" so I wouldn't disturb our baby who's asleep in the same room), but couldn't even make it through SS2 before rage-quitting. :(
  22. Sorry, I've been absent and/or busy lately myself... Had another look through the list of previous seasons to see what classes have been run (and how many times) and I'm tempted to have another go at our season # 7 pick, which was Group B (RWD + 4WD), except 205 and S4. That said, I'm not against having the 205 and S4 included (I'll probably go for either the Manta or 6R4 myself), so I'll leave the decision to include them or not to you guys.
  23. Well, my prediction earlier turned out to be correct... After making it through SS1 and 2 without incident, it only took me a couple of turns into SS3 before the car decided to jump right off the road. No reset, but took me long enough to make it back onto the road. SS4 was clean, but disaster struck once more on SS5 where I clipped the inside of a turn in the twisty, downhill section near the end of the stage, which promptly flung my car into the trees where I was immediately hit with a reset. Brought the car home safe through the last two stages and ended with a total time of 40:43, of which
  24.   I doubt I'll be able to beat 39:30 (even without mistakes), but will give it my best shot. That being said, I predict that the pressure of fighting for the season win will mess up my concentration and have me do many stupid mistakes.
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