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  1. T3rr0rByte13

    VR - Headset Not Worn

    I found the sensor and was able to cover it using a small piece of sticky note and it is working correctly now... Thanks again peter!
  2. T3rr0rByte13

    VR - Headset Not Worn

    Thanks Peter, Do you know where the sensor is found on the Vive Pro? And yes I agree this should be removed. I know if it is on my head. It just causes problems (for me and a few others) and provides no benefit to the user.
  3. T3rr0rByte13

    VR - Headset Not Worn

    Hi, I am constantly getting a headset not worn error if I move my head even an inch or two. It freezes the game until you are back in the specific spot. Sometimes it never even comes back and I have to CTRL ALT DEL and close the program. I have tried resetting the view on SteamVR. Redoing the room setup to no avail. Can someone help me to fix this please. The game is only barley playable, and only if you get lucky. I am using a Vive Pro with SteamVR